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Eyeland Optometry employees and opticians are dedicated to family vision care, including eye exams, contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses and more. EyeLand Vision, the official eye doctor of the Kansas City T-Bones Baseball Team, is very proud to be at the forefront of the sport. Do you know that you are an Animal Rescue partner when you visit Eyeland? Part of every purchase at Eyeland goes to emergency shelters. Aurora Eyeland Optical is your local optician to meet all your ophthalmic needs.

Ophthalmic examinations & glasses in Temple PA

We provide a broad spectrum of eyewear and eye care as well as extensive health care. With Eyeland, you can find affordable eyewear and eyewear for every fashion and every price. As our optometrists are dedicated to your comfort and happiness, we give you a 90-day return period in case you are not satisfied with your new pair of spectacles.

Call us today to arrange your next optical examination or just drop by! Opticians under licence, retail & on-line availability of contacts, branded mounts & pricing points to meet all requirements.

Ophthalmic examinations & glasses in Easton PA

Our services include spectacle and ophthalmic exams, cheap glasses and sun glasses as well as extensive health check up. With our optometrists dedicated to your safety, we provide a 90-day replacement service, free fitting and repair. Plan your next ophthalmic examination today or just drop by!

Opticians under licence, retail & on-line availability of contacts, branded mounts & pricing points to meet all requirements.

The EyeLand Vision - Dr. Rick Unsell

Whilst we provide a full-service eye wearer care and welcome every person wearing lenses, our dispensing center provides a large selection of spectacle holders and shades for all situations. "HOW " OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK TO BE ALWAYS UP TO DATE!

Who we are | Eyeland Eyecare Centres

The Eyeland Eyecare Centers and Luxoptics are a state-of-the-art, self-contained optics office in Rockville, Aspen Hill (Silver Spring) and Chevy Chase, Maryland. Our ophthalmic exams are carried out with the most up-to-date visual facilities, which include appropriate testing for VDT-users. Featuring more than 100 different ways to properly test your vision, our ophthalmologists choose the most appropriate for you.

An extensive optical examination not only provides an exact evaluation of your vision, but also measures the general state of your vision and assists in the early detection of medical conditions such as diabetic or high bloodpressure. Please call us to make an appointement for your ocular examination. There is a large selection of eyewear for all lifestyles.

A wide range of glasses and sun glasses, both available in over-the-counter as well as non-prescriptioncription. We have a range of sports glasses that we can make with or without a recipe. At Eyeland and Luxoptics, our optometrists will use their knowledge to find the ideal setting to match your look, face and scrip.

All spectacle mounts can be fitted, with Warby Parker mount. Come and visit us today and we will help you find your next pairs of goggles and shades. There''s no lenses that fit all your eyeballs. If the curve of a cornea is too shallow or too sharp for the human cornea, it can cause pain or even tear.

Measurement to find the best eye care for you. They must have a sufficient lubricating layer to keep the contacts and your corneas sufficiently wet and moisturized and to be qualified to wear them. Contacts may not be right for you if your eye is dull.

In addition, the amount of tear you make can help you decide which materials are best suited for your contacts. When your eye surfaces are somewhat uneven, e.g. due to an astigmatic nature, you may need a specific construction called a "toric" eyelid. Previously, only gas-permeable contacts could correlate it.

Now there are many makes of non-returnable, multifocal, long-term and even colour variations of flexible Toric optics. Give us a call to make an appointement for your eye care. We are also a full line of contacts center products, with the latest available single-use products.

We also have a complete assortment of shades and accessoires in stock. Our design glasses have high-quality ultraviolet light shield. Every eye, of every sex, every colour needs protecting. You' re looking for your own lives, not just your holiday! Polarised binoculars for shades eliminate reflection and dazzle and provide a clearer picture than conventional toned-glasses.

When you are spending a great deal of your free day in the open air or in your vehicle and still need visual corrections, a pair of shades is ideal for calming your eye. With the majority of sunglass brands offering 100% ultraviolet protection, wearing prescription glasses is a great way to get the most out of nature (especially the beach) and ride with the deepest glasses available to keep out the sun's ultrabright.

Many insurances are accepted. If you have any queries about your visual health insurer, please contact us. They will help you to find your way through the image protection possibilities available to you. We welcome all insurances in our branches.

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