Cousine Island Seychelles

Seychelles Island Cousin

Cousine Island (Seychelles) general travel information. Seychelles, Cousine Island: a beautiful and remote, privately owned nature reserve that offers the kind of seclusion found in few places in the world. Seychelles is the ultimate private island experience on Cousine Island. The Cousine Island Resort is a generous and exclusive holiday on Cousine Island, in the spectacular Seychelles. The Cousine Island boutique hotel has been carefully designed to provide our guests with privacy while keeping our human footprint as sensitive as possible.

Luxurious Cousin Island - Seychelles, Seychelles

Cousin Island is a place like no other in the Indian Ocean's blue water. Sailing off you will become part of the blossoming natural environment of this unspoilt island in the Seychelles Islands. Soak up the absolute remoteness of this ecologic oasis and treat yourself to the highest levels of luxuriousness.

Cousin is a island of jewels, one of the most environmentally conscious and enduring in the world. Every year, this paradise island is home to several thousand sea birds that nest here. Horseshoe turtle, loggerhead turtle, wedge-tailed turtle and other kinds belong to the cousin's abundant wildlife.

Demanding visitors will be amazed when they enjoy nature and let themselves be pampered in the most refined of luxuries. Cousine Island has four luxurious mansions in the splendid quaint chalet design and a large president's mansion, all surrounded by lush greenery and only 30 meters from the sea to offer a maximum of privacy and serenity.

Each villa has its own private outside shower and swiming area, overlooking the sea and the golden sands. Visitors will experience magic in their spacious rooms while marvelling at the sea with its breathtaking dusk and dawn. In the pavilion, the island's main meeting point, all visitors can meet before withdrawing into the private sphere of their own bedroom.

From relaxation with a textbook in the personal libary, refreshment in the swimming pools, a drink at the pub to trying out a delicious meal outdoors. Comprised of two main bedroom with ensuite bathroom, a work area, spas, fitness room and a privately owned open plan cafe.

In order to meet the needs of all guests, this mansion provides a full-time builder and local lodging for the au pairs or chambermaids. The four luxurious mansions each radiate a romance and preserve the unmistakable contemporary Seychelles style of the Seychelles. From this luxurious cottage, which is only a few minutes away from the beach, you can enjoy the wonderful view of the fascinating seaside and the luxuriant area.

Every mansion has a luxurious double bedroom with private bath, two washbasins, whirlpool bathrooms and a lovely porch.

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