Bhutan abroad in May | Studying Abroad Embedded in the Himalayas between India and China (Tibet), the small Buddhist empire of Bhutan is waiting for you! Come to us and get to know how to use Geographical Information System (GIS) during our first studies abroad in Bhutan. Featuring less than 750,000 inhabitants in the county and 150,000 in the nation's capitol Thimphu, Bhutan provides a tranquil and cultural immersion just 20 min from the centre of Thimphu, at Royal Thimphu College.

Bhutan is known for its evolutionary philosphy of gross social fortune, in which advancement is judged by the satisfaction of the population and not by pure economical actions, but by stringent ecological Law. Bhutan is an ideal place to study GIS and enjoy this culture haven with its wide variety of species, 72% coverage of forests and a difference in altitude from 100m to over 7,500m.

"From Fulbright Scholar to Director of Studies Abroad in Bhutan"

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The Bhutan Travels - Planning your perfect journey today! We are the National Carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan and a licenced tourist agency in Bhutan, Singapore and Thailand. We offer you all the necessary service for a secure and unforgettable Bhutan adventur. I' d like to take this occasion to thank you for organizing our journey to Bhutan.

Serving single travelers, double-pax groups and more! Every single one of our travelers was supported in obtaining visas. We' ll just put you in the kind of accommodation we'd like to go to again. Build your own unique journey by add brief walks, enhance your stay in a luxury resort, experience a party or even attend a marriage.

There are no extra charges during your travel. Accompany Lester Ledesma, an award-winning photo journalist, on his never-ending photo tour to the tropical land of Bhutan! Bhutan is recommended to visit in fall and early in the year. But in both summers and winters you can explore Bhutan's unparalleled scenic beauties. Explore how to plan your voyage for optimum meteorological conditions, map accessibility and culture festival.

We have been working with Drukair for seven years to develop Bhutan as a tourist resort and Drukair as the preferred carrier for Bhutanese tourists. We welcome you with a warm "Kuzuzangpo" - the greetings of our country. As soon as you reach Bhutan, our staff will welcome you with the usual heat and will enjoy their fun-loving natural surroundings.

We invite you to come and live the life style of daily life in Bhutan. Our home is this wonderful realm - let us show you the miracles and magic of our exceptional area. In order to help you get ready for this exceptional event, we have set up a modern tourism information system. Wherever you are in the oceans, you can get the latest information from our Bhutan-based staff.

Since its foundation in the 90s, our experienced tourist guide and guide have been working in the Bhutanian tourism world. Over the last seven years we have gained a lot of expertise and create one-of-a-kind Bhutanian experiences for over 7,000 travelers. It is necessary to know more about the Bhutanian money if you are planning to go to Bhutan or are considering a possible foreign-currency change.

If you come from India or any other part of the globe, that's all you need to know about the Bhutan money. Foreign Minister Dr Vivian Balakrishnan reiterated the amicable bi-lateral relationship between Singapore and Bhutan during his recent trip to the Kingdom, a first since the establishment of Diplomacy in 2002.

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