Vanua Levu group

The Vanua Levu Group

Smaller deposits of the Kuroko type occur in a group of acid volcanic rocks in northeastern Vanua. The Vanua Levu Group is an archipelago in northern Fiji. You will find the perfect Vanua Levu group photo. Vanua Levu Group is an archipelago in northern Fiji, named after the dominant island of Vanua Levu. The second largest island in Fiji, Vanua Levu (pronounced[?

a?nua ?le?u]), formerly known as Sandalwood Island.

The Vanua Levu Group

Group Fiji ke vanua Levu Fiji ke northern me wag. Group with Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Laucala, Matagi, Namena Lala, Qamea, Rabi, Yadua Taba shar. The Ii group keuura area 6199 sq km per inhabitant 140,016 (1996 census) shark. The Vanua Levu Group, Fiji ke Northern Division me haae, jon ki Fiji kechaar vibhag me se ├ęk heae.

The Lau Islands ke seathe ii Group, Tovata Confederacy shape shea. li kara kara jae sake hae.

Fiji, Vanua Levu travel guide

With about 130,000 inhabitants, Vanua Levu (pronounced Va-new-ah Lay-vu) is the second biggest of the Fiji-Archipels. It covers an area of 5538 km2, slightly more than half the area of Viti Levu. It is 180 kilometres long and has an avarage width of 33 kilometres.

It is jagged, unhindered and the coastline is encircled by an expansive system of corals. There' s a system of streets, but they are not as large and well-kept as on the Viti Levu isle. Exceptions are the paving streets connecting Savusavu and Labasa and the coastline road (Hibuiscus) up to Lomalagi Resort.

Are you living in Vanua Levu or are you interested in the isle? Become a member of the Vanua Levu Group! Don't miss a ride along the Hibiscus Highway to Lomalagi to see the biggest cove in the South Pacific. At Savusavu you can have a cold drink at the Planters Club or stay at the Hot Springs Hotel for a breathtaking Savusavuay.

Though near Viti Levu (64 km northeast), it is less sophisticated and less touristic. The Vanua Levu region thus provides the visitor with an excellent chance to discover some of the most unspoilt traditional and cultural places. Labasa and Savusavu are the biggest centres of the people, but they are small cities in comparison to the bigger city centres on Viti Levu.

It is a flourishing commercial centre linked to the flourishing diabetes sector. Savusavu, a smaller, less sophisticated city, is enjoying growing appeal as a diving location and yacht city. Vanua Levu can be reached either by plane to Savusavu or Lapasa or by taking the Viti Levu shuttle.

The Savusavu (5000 inhabitants) is a one-horse city with a kilometre-long major resistance to theulf. However, the city's economic situation is recovering and the city council is making serious efforts to improve it. In the last eight years, palms have been planted along the roads, the car park next to the external markets has been paved, the 3 km long motorway between the city and its airports has been paved and widened and the Hibiscus motorway has been improved by about 20 km.

Now the highway is being expanded to the east end of the Buca Bay area. The Chineses are investing in a new mainland. avu is the only port on vanua levu-fiji's second biggest isle. There have been some business activities in the city. The people of the city of savuavu have profited from the job creation and the city is developing, albeit gradually.

Meanwhile, Savusavu City officials should step onto the prom and pavement the pavements that urgently need a facelift there is a schedule for an open ocean swim every year. There is also a new salon that the ladies I spoke to rapped quite well for their hairstyles, pedicure and rub.

Savusavu's most conspicuous features are the unbelievable natural beauties of Savusavu Bay and the warm fountains, which adds a surround sound. There is a generous distribution of warm water sources (see picture on the right) across the boundaries of the municipality. From a geological point of view, the whole village is a kind of devil's cuisine to which the natives have adjusted.

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