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The Yasawa Islands in Fiji are a unique experience. It' not like any backpacking tourism I've ever done. You have a budget for backpackers but still want to visit the Yasawa Islands. Yasawa Islands are dotted with small resorts and position themselves as the choice for backpackers and flash packers. Explore the best hotels in the Yasawa Group, including Botaira Beach Resort, Blue Lagoon Beach Resort, Mantaray Island Resort.

YHAs in Yasawa Islands

What time would you like to remain on the Yasawa Islands? The Octopus resorts has a breathtaking clean sand beaches, with spectacular views and great snorkeling right on the shore........ The Blue Lagoon Beaches Reserve overlooks crystalline water and astonishing sundowns. There' s a sea reserve right in front of the resorts with great snorkeling opportunities........

Away from the masses of people and hardly touch by the hands of man, all our rooms are located on three pristine shores....... The Coralview Island Coralview Island Estate in Tavewa in the Yasawas is a packer backpackers residence that offers reasonable lodging........... Located at the gate to Fiji's breathtaking Yasawa Islands, Barefoot Kuata Island is home to some of the most famous inhabitants of the area........

Cheap back-packing on the Yasawa Isles - Yasawa Island Message Board

This is a hyperlink to the backpack archipelago in the Yasawas: Small hotels will probably cost you about F$20-$40. It' going to be less expensive than hopping on the Yasawa flyer and pay for personal travel or buy a 21-day Bula boating experience for F$495. Every resortcan send you the next one to find out the prices, etc.

Set off for Nacula Island. Schedule a stay of about 5-7 nights at Oarsmans Bay Lodge and Blue Lagoon Beach Resort (BLBR). Whilst these resort locations are next to each other, they offer a variety of different adventures. Run by a Fiji locals, Oarsmans is a real Fiji adventure.

10 to 14 nights on Nacula Island is not too long. You' ll wish that you stay longer, because it's a beautiful, untouched sandy spot with great snorkeling off the beash. Ensure that you have footwear with a descending handle as Fiji has some great trekking on the isles. There is a great view over the Yasawa range of islets.

You' ll find some places with a minimum of meals. To be able to increase your dietary ingestion is sometimes necessary (by addition of warm pasta water). Reread the ratings for each area. Here you have to replenish the diet. Each island or spa is definitely a worthwhile visit and offers a one-of-a-kind event and another adventurous one.

Fiji's got hot air these past few month. Fiji rainstorms are also calming and calming. That'?s what Fiji is about.

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