Kamehameha Schools

Camehameha Schools

Ho' ala School is pleased to be a member of the Kamehameha School Kipona Scholarship Program (KSP). The Kamehameha Schools is a private, educational and non-profit foundation founded and donated by the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop. The Kamehameha Schools Hawai?i announced its new po'o kula (headmaster). Kamehameha School, which serves children of Hawaiian descent, is the oldest private school in the state of Hawaii.

Encounter Kamehameha Schools Hawai'i H??ike A Ha'i.

KAMEHAMHA Schools - Kapalama Campus in Honolulu, HI

Kamehamehaha Schools - Kapalama Campus is an above-average privately owned secondary modern education institution in Honolulu, HI. There has been 3,181 pupils in classes K-12 with a student-teacher relationship of 14 to 1. At the end of their studies 77% of the pupils of this academy go to a 4-year university. Classes are for the highest class and may have altered for the year.

Please do not hesitate to ask the language institute for further information. Which are your favourite classroom sessions or customs? On the basis of race and economy and the answers of pupils and adults to schools' cultures and variety. On the basis of pupil and parental ratings of club and activity. Secure university campuses, respectable instructors and a very wide variety of study options.

Born in Hawaii, Kamehameha Schools has influenced my personality as a native of Hawaii and encouraged me to continue my native hawaiianism. Kamehameha schools are very secure, many pupils keep their things unsupervised and nobody steal their things.

I' m a boarding student at Kamehameha schools and I' m eating breakfasts, lunches and dinners there. As a high scholastic student, especially senior citizens, I think we should begin to make decisions for ourselves and begin to become more indepent. All in all, it is a beautiful academy with astonishing and extremely capable instructors.

The Kamehameha Schools offers so many ressources available to all pupils that it is simple to smooth the way from high schools to university. There are also many possibilities available to the pupils on the basis of their interests, so it is important to establish good relations with their instructors and advisors.

This is a one-of-a-kind part of the country's history, as the institute organizes activities around Hawaii' cultures such as the Ho'olaulea and the Song Contest every year.

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