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Moorea and Bora Bora. Hawaii, Bora Bora & Tahiti Treasures The Hawaii, Bora Bora and Tahiti itineraries aboard the Emerald Princess are the unique experiences you've been looking for. As you bounce across the Pacific in Hawaii, you' ll see stunning tropical beauty, hula girls, lei garlands, wobbly palm trees and stunning sundowns.

Cross the World Date Line, move through the times and visit some of the most stunning archipelagos that Samoa and Polynesia have to offer. Come and see for yourself!


Had you ever dreamt of going to Bora Bora this was the kind of holiday you probably dreamt of. All the watercolours of the world-famous laguna of the archipelago were just as iridescent and clear enough that one could see a floating sea turtle from a hundred metres away. Soon, our Bora Bora service leader took out his Ukulelele and began to gently jingle a sweet romance as we passed by untouched blank sandy shores and palm-fringed moto ( "islets") without having another spirit in view.

Namely to swim with shark in the flat water off the Bora Bora shore. The first Blacktip Reef Shark was seen before our vessel even came to a standstill. While the captain worked to bind us to an anchor beacon, about half a half of the five-foot long shark swim in low-speed circuits near by, along with several stingrays and a flight of Sgt. Maj. shoals of starfish with stripes of blue and amber.

We were so used to snorkelling that we immediately started to swim and film sharks. Some of our companions - a calm older pair, a younger pair and a three-member New Yorker ( (including a 10-year-old who seemed very uncertain about this whole venture) - were still getting into the canal.

It wasn't the first rafting with a shark. In 2007 I took my daugther to the Bahamas, in sommer she turned six years old. We snorkelled or dived in the Galapagos Islands, Panama and CaƱo Island, Costa Rica.

More and more of them seemed to appear right after our arrival, until we were surrounded by a literal dozen of them. Finally, our leader asked everyone to move to one side of a cable that was tense between two buoy. It seemed strange, especially since the shark was floating around us.

We were in such flat waters that we could all get up. When I got into place and stretched out our 6-foot GoPro staff, I saw something fly through the sky and land in the waters near the eyelash.

Then they began to walk along and swam back and forth at a frenzied speed, and in their agitation they hit my video footage (which, thank God, was a meter away from my body). He threw pieces of freshly caught seafood into the sea! Even though they are generally innocuous, their diet helps teach them to connect man with the world.

There was no information about the shark or the protection of the sea. Since before our leader started to keep small parts of them under water, I felt a little discomfort. The stingrays that swam around us tried to lure them right under the shark in the hope of getting a slice of the bait-package.

However, she really began to scream as the leader dragged a Stingray to the top of the waters near her dad (whose shoulder she was just standing on). Then we headed to a near shore for a second round of snorkelling. As we were on our way, we asked our leader whether they had always managed the skates and nourished the Bora Bora Shark, or whether it was primarily used to calm people.

At the end I have to admit that we had a great laugh with the Lagoon service Bora Bora Bora (which also contained a great meal on one of the Motu), although my guilt made me do it. Tahiti Tourism is sponsoring our journey to Tahiti.

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