Staying on Lanai

Stay on Lanai

Therefore, choosing your accommodation in Lanai will never be a problem. People in Lanai City will be closer to restaurants, bars and shops - the few things on the island. Live of the Super Rich" on a tour through the Four Seasons Resort Lanai. Visit and stay in Lanai. They feel like in a mountain hut in Europe.

Twenty good reason to visit the Four Seasons Lanai

The first stop was the Four Seasons Resort Oahu in Ko Olina (Full disclosure: Four Seasons Oahu and Lanai funded most of our trip). Hawaiian OhanaAfter four days at Four Seasons Resort Oahu on the west side of the Oahu Islands, Natalie and I were reluctant to check out and drive 25 min back to Honolulu Airport.

There we check-in for our Ohana by Hawaii trip; they fly five times a days to Lanai City. The Honolulu to Lanai CityFlight takes only 21 min (more or less three minutes) and our ATR 42 must have heard the Czechs sometime, because the directions for the rescue grip were given in both English and Czech.

This was Natalie made her first visit to Lanai so I was thrilled that she (and I) could see parts of this one-of-a-kind isle. The official site of Lanai is L?na?i and is the 6th biggest of the islands of Hawaii. There' are a number of things that make Lanai think he's in a different era, and one of them is that there are no stoplights or no transport at all.

There' only three of them and a few bed-and-breakfasts. All of the islands now belong to Oracle billionsaire Larry Ellison, whom the natives really like and like. Not only did he save most of the employment on the islands, he also rebuilt the city's cinema and swimming school.

The first time I went to Lanai was in 2010. Mr. Ellison (or Larry, as I like to call him!) also has the two Four Seasons properties on the Isle and he's put a million bucks in them to make them even more so. These are 20 good reason to visit the Four Seasons Lanai in Manele Bay.

After leaving the aircraft, a Four Seasons salesman awaits you with a small luggage reclaim area and a Four Seasons shield. Your pockets come out in five-minute increments so you have just enough spare toilet space. When you are going for their round trip shuttle service ($150), then your chauffeur will take your luggage and you jump in a personal Merc.

Have your cameras in Lanai always on standby. From LNY International and LNY airports it takes 20 min. to the motel and you dismount from 1,200 ft. above sealevel to 500 ft. where the motel is at a rock. It is not that there are many tidal waves in Hawaii (at least 85 tidal waves have struck the island since 1813), but it is reassuring to know that the resort is high enough that it is outside the area.

WelcomeAs in the Four Seasons Resort Oahu, every visitor has a warm welcome, a refrigerated bathrobe and a welcome beverage. Four Seasons Lanai offers a dash of pinapple syrup with a dash of jalapeƑ. It' really tasty and when the page is blowing into a shell to signal your coming, you will be even more specific.

Rooms are plushThe residence has 213 luxury rooms and suite. Totally customised bedsYou must adore a health resorts that has the first fully customised hotelbed. Four Seasons Hotels, in collaboration with the Simmons Bedding Company, offers the option of three different duvets. Signature-Every is equipped with this top quality top that is engineered for optimal strength and offers classical Four Seasons comforts.

Cutting-edge technologyWith Larry as proprietor, you should not be amazed that the spa also features state-of-the-art technologies, which include fully embedded and instinctive illumination, thermal, service and data protection controllers, complete with dimming blinds with remotes. A further special characteristic in this property is that the guest receives a watertight bracelet instead of a traditional map to get into their room.

It' not that you go to Lanai to see TV, but if you choose to step back, unwind and see a film before going to sleep, it's quite astonishing to have a 75 G17 plate TV screen. Every room has an iPad Air that allows customers to use a wide range of hospitality facilities, which includes free newspaper coverage of more than 3,000 papers.

Once you have used her Toto-WC that opens, closes, splashes and rinses by itself, you will know why she is mentioned as a seperate motive to loving this motel! I' m sure you'll be happy to know that the WiFi is no longer charged for the resorts and that the signals work all over the area.

It employs a dozen of landscape gardeners as their terrain gives you the feeling of being in a tropic world. Bird noisesIf you like the bird noises in the mornings, you will enjoy staying on Lanai. It' s a rather impressing soundtrack and I am sure that every orchestral director would like to work with them.

Pools The residence has a main swimming pools in lake look with a cascade and two whirlpools. Because of the family-friendly nature of the area? However, the Four Seasons have their own scenic part of the sandy beaches and the clear sea for their visitors and there is no surcharge for wicker baskets, parasols or snorkelling equipment (including mask prescription).

It is about 10 to 15 minutes on foot to the top of the rocky promontory overlooking the cliffs and the isle of Maui. It' s a literal killing ground, as legends have it, that a young pretty girl from Maui was taken prisoner and remarried by a young Lanai soldier. Bringing her back to Lanai, he was so impressed by her beauties that he was scared to let other men see her that he locked her in a deep ocean cavity near the crag.

When he went to fish one of the days, the wheather was changing and when he returned to her den, she had sunk. So inconsolable was he that he took her corpse and, with the help of the lords, ascended the 80-foot cliffs, and dug her into a grave on the summit.

Like every five-star property, the services here are kind and attention. Undoubtedly the true celebrity of Nobu Lanai is. Head chef Nobu Matsuhisa took the right step and opened one of his own restaurant here. The SpaThere is a great place and if you go on a baby moon, then be sure to get the Hapai pre-natal massages ($190, 50 minutes) that Natalie had.

Free-of-charge city shuttleI don't think you'll be tired of the hotels, but if you do, it's not hard or costly to get to the city. There is a free of charge shuttles service twice a daily (9am and 4pm, I think). You can see in the images above and below that this is a very unique place and it is not astonishing that it has already been rated AAA Five Diamond.

But, really, Lanai is something when Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men in the whole wide globe, gets it. Disclaimer: The contents of this site are not provided by any banks, issuers of cards, carriers or hotels and have not been verified, authorized or otherwise authorized by any of these companies.

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