Taveuni Palms Fiji

Fiji Taveuni Palms

The Taveuni Palms is the ultimate resort for a private diving holiday in Fiji. The exclusive Taveuni Palms Resort is the perfect destination for a romantic family or private holiday. The Colleen house is located in Matei, Northern Division, Fiji. The Taveuni Palms is the place to discover the wonders of Taveuni. The Taveuni Palms Resort, a small and very private resort that boasts an exceptional environment like nowhere else in Fiji.

Palm Taveuni, Taveuni Island, Fiji

Taveuni Palms consists of just two unbelievably classy luxurious mansions - the Horizon Spa Villa and the Beach Villa - on a hill with a view of the Somosomo Strait, is a wonderful place to linger. Situated high above the ocean, the two impeccable two-bedroom mansions have the most breathtaking view of the city.

Taveuni Palms luxurious mansions are all about elegance and intimacy. There' s no place to eat and no places to talk about - instead, it' s all about the mansions that are enormous. Every villa has its own plot with a view of the ocean, with stairs down to a part of the island's own sandy area.

Every luxurious mansion has two double rooms, a lounge area and plenty of outdoor relaxation area. Italien flagstones, hand-polished timber flooring, sofa beds, hanging mats, attics, the feature set continues.... this is unbelievably classy dwelling - all knows with deep woods and very trendy. There' s no spas, but massage and other treatment can be arranged in the mansions themselves.

There are five different areas, both indoors and outdoors, where visitors can dine, with food generally prepared in the resort's cuisine, although each has its own separate cuisine. It is operated by the pretty Julie at Taveuni Ocean Sports, a 10 minutes away car base.

Normally the timetable is around 8 a.m. (depending on the tides) for a 2-tank dives and in good to noon. Normally there is also a 2-tank dives in the afternoons, so you can go underwater. Taveuni Plams is the ideal place for honeymoons, a couple or even a family looking for the ultimative elegance and serenity.

Taveuni Palms are ideal for those looking for maximum intimacy, as there are only two mansions, each with a committed crew of seven people.

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