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Fiji Taveuni Island

Browse the map, read Taveuni Island hostel reviews and don't pay any booking fees. Overall, Castaway Island Fiji performs slightly better than Taveuni Island Resort & Spa. You can download the perfect Taveuni Island Fiji images. Boat stay in Taveuni Island, Fiji. As inseparable as tonic and gin, as closely interwoven as the great lovers of history, Antony and Cleopatra.

The best places to dine on Taveuni Island, Fiji

The Vunibokoi Restaurants of the resorts are run in a similar way. Your everyday meal is influenced by the colourful mixed cultures of the island with Fiji dishes based on India, Asia and Europe. Everything comes from the local gardens, the neighbouring farms or the sea. It' Fiji cooking in its most fresh and genuine form.

Taveuni's most famous tavern is perhaps Tramonto. Situated on a cliff with a view of the Pacific Sea, this small country style dining room is open, constantly shrouded in the hot sea breezes and bathed in ambient lighting. In the evening, when a large number of people and visitors come together at the beach to drink, grill or barbecue (depending on the weekday ) and to observe the nights over the isipel.

Grove's picturesque beach section is complemented by a beautiful seaview eatery that has long been known as one of the best restaurants on the island of Taveuni. It specialises in freshly caught sea food. But there are also curry, pasta and meats on the comprehensive menue. Dinners are often greeted by acoustical music, sung by the island tunes while enjoying the panorama views of the Pacific.

It also organizes "village nights" when local people come to play M├ęke - a traditionally performed Fiji music. Bordering the Taveuni Dive Resort, the Salty Fox Bar and Grillis is a convivial centre with a relaxing and happy georgrocer. Here the visitors meet at twilight to enjoy the adventure of the whole year.

Dining on a terrace next to the resort's inflinity swimming pools overlooking the stunning Somosomo Strait, the waterslide between Taveuni and its northeastern neighbour Vanua Levu. Nakia Resort's restaurant will please everyone. As you serve the Pacific, Indian and China cuisines that make up Fiji cuisine, Nakai also serves some US, Mexican and Continental cuisines.

Much of the ingredient is cultivated in the resort's natural gardens, so only the fresest and most delicious are used.

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