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Born Bora's discreet little sister, Maupiti, is one of the most beautiful islands in French Polynesia. French Polynesia - Overseas Community. The Maupiti is a small coral atoll with a volcanic island in the middle. Are you looking for bungalows in Maupiti, Bungalows Polynesia? Kuriri, which you have accommodated in Polynesia in the bungalows in Maupiti for a perfect holiday in Tahiti.

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Born Bora's discrete little sister, Maupiti, is one of the most beautiful French Polynesian isles. There is a gleaming lake with every colour from red to blue, a perfectly ring of isles with sandbanks, palms that lean over the bank and large flowerbeds. Though this little charming man is no longer a mystery, he still serves as a refuge to take in the sloth.

There is only one street and practically no car, just bicycles; there are no flashy resort, just a few family-run guesthouses where guests can taste tasty regional dishes and really enjoy interacting with their homes. If you want to gamble, there's just the right amount of activity to keep you alive, from hiking and lake trips to scuba and canoeing.

The top 10 activities on Maupiti Island

Maupiti looks like a paradise from the sky. Know as "the conserved island" and like a small edition of the neighbouring Bora Bora, Maupiti has succeeded in resisting the temptations of massive tour. It is unlikely that such a place really existed on this beautiful isle.

While I was traveling with my backpack across the South Pacific Isles, I stayed a whole weeks in Maupiti. Here is my most important activities in Maupiti. On the way to French Polynesia? You will find guidebooks to 11 isles, with example programs and many travelling hints and trips. Vaiea is the only town on the beautiful little Maupiti that is densely crowded by high perpendicular rocks and the blue-languin.

In order to avoid Maupiti turning into the next Bora Bora, the inhabitants of the archipelago have chosen not to build a sanctuary in their paradise. Visit Maupiti to experience the relaxed and genuine Polish friendliness in one of the guesthouses. One of the greatest dilemmas is whether you are staying on the principal or one of the small islets surrounding the Laguna.

That'?s the big issue in Maupiti! I' ve decided to live with the hottest Tahitians in Maupiti in the pension Tautiare Village. The Maupiti is one of the few French Polynesian archipelago that is not only beautiful but also small enough to be explored on horseback. Wear your hiking boots and walk along the 10 km long street that surrounds the isle.

Tereia is the most beautiful of the beaches on the major isle, with smooth sandy and flat water, often frequented by sting rays. Find some shadow under a palm or mangos palm trees and savour paradise. There is no signpost indicating this particular place, only the highest part of the street surrounding the isle.

At daytime you can see the south side of Maupiti and million of starry nights. Up here you can really savour the marvellous colours of the laguna and the technical wonder of the apron. You can even see Bora Bora in the far away on a clear sunny days - and stay a few long days up here!

In the centre of the water of the blue Laguna there is a magic place known as the Mantas " Purification Area. You can experience this unbelievable show at first hand with the kind people of Maupiti Diving. Nondivers can get to know the Mantas on a days trip through the Maupiti lagoon.

The Sammy Maupiti tour starts at the Canta Rays Purification Sanctuary, where you can float over these stunning marine life as it is cared for. You will then leave it in the reef to enjoy the best snorkelling in all French Polynesia. Now, this will be serviced on your own islands, where you will be taught how to make genuine Tibetan foods and fodder rays with the remains!

Hike across the flat waters of the Laguna from the Isle of Motu Auira. What about one of the most beautiful South Pacific shores, clear waters and the view of Bora Bora in the distant future. It is another one you will never forgotten..... there are many of them in Maupiti!

Maupiti and its main activities. There is much more to see and do in Maupiti. The Maupiti Travel Guides provide more information about the Isle and the French Polynesia Travel Guides, your travel guides for 11 Paradise Isles. Do you have your own Maupiti favourites?

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