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The best places to stay in Fiji Fiji knows how to create vacation charm with almost 800,000 vacationers who land on its sun-drenched banks every year. SKY SCANNER Australia reviews some of the best Fiji resort and the best season to be there. With so many Tropic Isles in Fiji (Fiji has over 300 Isles and more than 500 Islands), it can be amazing to plan a vacation.

At a similar degree of Latitude to the Cairns, Fiji is hot all year round. Fiji's best travel period is mainly due to the islands geography and the predominant south-easterly tradeswings. As a rule, the drying period from April to November is the best travel period when the trade fair breeze brings temperate temperature.

Fiji's pristine resort hot spot, Fiji's resort resort and inexpensive backpackers lodge are located between rustic towns on both sides of Queens Rd, the major Nadi (pronounced Nandi) and the capitol Suva. Sigatoka (pronounced Sing-a-toe-ka) river estuary and in front of the Hideaway Resort are favourite windsurf break that can be reached from the water.

Make a full outing to Fiji Museum in Suva, where 2,600-year-old ceramic and rock artifacts from the Sigatoka sandy dune are on display. On the Mamanuca Islands (pronounced Mam-a-noo-tha) on the island of Malolo Lailai, Plantation Island Resort is located on the banks of a protected lake surrounded by a grassy airfield from Musket Cove Resort.

One of Plantation's best properties is the wind inflated aquatic garden just a few metres from the sea. Situated on a classical algae wall of reefs, the Treasure Islands is a popular Fiji holiday destination since the opening of its first offices on the beaches in the 1970s.

Treasure Iceland Resort recognizes the fragile natural beauty of its surrounding area and focuses on the conservation and protection of its protected seas. Turtle is one of Fiji's most luxurious and secluded resort, a lenient getaway for no more than 14 pairs at the same one. Turtle is a 500 hectare large residential area on the east bank of Fiji's famous Blue Lagoon on the Yasawa Islands and follows the ethic of Fiji's tradition of traditionally inhabited communities, where every tourist is considered a unique tourist.

Romantic Turtle Islands style with fluffy furry boers on the beaches for ultimate intimacy, culinary picnic and a private dinner on the sands. Situated in the Mamanuca Islands, Mana Islands and Spa, a peanut-shaped isle is the epitome of Fiji Resorts in a beautiful frontal area. Family like mana for the wide range of outdoor pursuits such as wickerwork, grassy skating and birdwatching bushwalking and more.

Night-time entertainments include shrimp racing, Fiji folk dancing and a sturdy chorus of islands. Filming on Monuriki Iceland in Fiji's Mamanuca Iceland group, near the Castaway Iceland Resort (which is actually located on Qalito Island), one could not be luckier with the hit of the same name. Of course, outings to Monuriki are also very well-loved. Will you be prepared to make a reservation at one of the best Fiji resort?

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