Nas Island

Island Nas

NAS North Island houses for sale and for rent near Coronado, San Diego, Imperial Beach, & Lemon Grove, CA. Ikaria - Nas A 3.5 km long asphalt highway leads from Armenistis to the small village of Nas, which is part of the municipality of Raches and has about 50 people. Her name Nas is probably derived from the grecian term "Naos" (temple) or by changing the old name of the goddesses "Ma", as Artemis was known in Asia Minor, where she was first devout.

The area is characterised by a number of balconies walled with stones for local cultivation and the tree-lined Nas ravine, through which the waters of the Chares flow and which ends in a small but fine sandstrand. When the Turks first appeared in the Aegean and the Franks left the island in the early sixteenth century, the Ikars, who went to the hiding places on the west side for defence reasons, blockaded the old docks.

Only part of the old landing stage has survived, where you can still see the irons of eyes that were set into the floor to make the boats snappy. In the vicinity are the fracturing foundation of the temple of Artemis, the patron saint of the bull, also known as Saint Tavropolion. Chalares is a large, beautiful ravine that leads into the bay of Nas.

Along the banks of the riverbank with the tall plane tree tops, the noise of flowing waters and the singing of fowl, you reach a cascade that drops into a remote basin of rocks and then extends into the mountains in a rocky bed of rivers amidst high crags. Nas is a truly magnificent and magnificent place with its sandy beaches and small swimming pools at the confluence of the Chalares and Artemis rivers, ending at the destroyed temples of the deity.

Scandinavian Audiological Society

We are pleased to participate in the NAS conference in Reykjavík, island 6-8 June 2018, conference system for trade and conference centre, Harpa. The Committee will set up an ambitious scientific programme with key note lecturers from the different Nordic countries and a number of international key note lecturers.

It will start with a joint meeting on June 5. The delegates who will attend the meeting should arrive in Iceland by midday on 5 June. We hope to be able to arrange a three dimensional socially responsible scheme and that you will be able to explore and explore Iceland's fantastic nature. In addition to the supporting events such as the welcome party and the annual meeting, attendees will have the chance to see Iceland's most impressive sights such as geysirs, falls, volcanoes as well as the glacier.

The lovely concerts and meetings center offers the best prerequisites for meetings in Iceland. Located in the port in the heart as well as a few minutes walk from the center of Reykjavík with stores, bars, restaurants, arts and nightlife.

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