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New Zealand Waikiki Island

Waiheke Island and Wineries The Waiheke Island is located in the Hauraki Bay of New Zealand, about 11. After Great Barrier Island, it is the second biggest island in the Golf. With almost 8,730 inhabitants and another 3,400 inhabitants who have second or vacation houses on the island, it is the most populous. This is the best island in the Golf, with frequent scheduled flights for passengers and cars, a chopper company located in Waiheke and other flight connections.

Waiheke Island was named the fifth-best tourist resort in the word by Lonely Planet in November 2015 and the fourth-best island in the Condé Nast Best Islands list. Wheelchair-accessible City Attraction:

Completely barrier-free access: On-site toilets available: We' ve had a lovely time on Waiheke Island, but there are some difficulties in getting there. First of all it is a nice island with gentle slopes, nice sandy shores and vineyards. To explore the island you need a vehicle and drive several kilometres (I have not seen any available buses).

So, we made our first stop at Charlie Farley's beachfront beauty spot and our first stop on the wonderful Onetangi Strand. What I would call Charlie Farleys is a small, laid-back cafe and a pub with an outside terrace with a view of a wonderful, secluded coves. It is generally handicapped accessable (a 3 on the WJAR index).

There were several stairs down the bay itself and it was not open, at least if you parked near the restaurants. He was very handicapped accesible (see my report from the restaurant). From Aucklands Half Moon Bay (about 15 min drive from Auckland) take the Waiheke Island Ferry to Waiheke.

The Sea Link is available for passengers and vehicles, but it is costly. It has several stairs to the top of the boat, where they are serving the meal and where the toilet is at. There is a lot of traffic on the ferry's auto platform, making it easy to continue driving and sitting in the vehicle during the brief 35-minute ride.

There is no toilet for wheelchairs on the boat's central platform. Clay brick vineyard and restaurant: The second stop was the Mudbrick Vineyard and Restuarant, an absolute nice vineyard and restuarant with a view of the coves. We had to leave all the visitors of the estate on the area below the plot, and then we had to take a very, very precipitous and precipitous road up to the winegrower.

However, once you are in the vineyard, most of the interior is very flat and open. It was a great experience, we made some new, unique English acquaintances and had a wonderful view of the beaches and vines over dinner and a glass of good vin. You have a toilet suitable for wheelchairs. There was a great part of our stay with different types of vines and a light meal on the terrace with a wonderful view of the island and the sea.

Though we had another wonderful paradise holiday and I urge you to explore and enjoy the island's beauties, most of the island was not so disable.

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