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We know you have questions - and we have the answers. Take advantage of our Cruising 101 resources to learn more about cruising and then speak to a consultant for personal advice on planning your cruise holiday. Design makes cruises particularly comfortable. Ultimate antidote to our overworked, stressed, over-scheduled life, a cruise is simple. Have you ever wondered if a cruise with large ships is for you?

First cruiser

When you have never boarded a cruise liner before, we know you have a question - and we have the answer. Would you like to know if crossing is the right holiday for you? You will find here the most frequently asked cruise related issues - inquisitive and many good reason to book your first cruise right away.

Are you interested in a cruise but would like a little more information before you can make a reservation? Let's decipher some of the more subtle points of crossing. Whilst our rates are up to date every day, please see the reservation page for the precise amount.

First Time Cruise Tips - Cruise critics

You followed all the guidelines in your search for this "real" first cruise - investigated cruise routes, investigated possible routes and swapped articles in the Cruise Critic's First Times Cruisers and Ask a Cruise Question onums. You' ve made your booking, chosen a cabin and chosen a route. With the following first-time cruise advices and Cruise 101, you will be able to find the answer to all your unanswered question so that you can have a stress-free and enjoyable launch to your first holiday at the seas.

They may have shared stories in the Cruise Critic's First Cruisers and Ask a Cruise Question panels, but they still don't know what everyday marine activities really are like. When you don't know where to start, this travel guidebook will help you find your marine mud.

If you are travelling by rail, cruise companies can offer shuttle services from the railway or you can take a cab. You can also come the previous morning and spend the night in a near luxury cruise ship; cruise companies sometimes offer special prices at certain of them. Travellers are informed when they will be boarding on the sailing date (most vessels leave around 4 p.m. or later) and sometimes get a certain timeframe for check-in.

A lot of cruise ships leaving from an international airport are packed with services from large British and some local ports. As a rule, air travel is carried out with regular airlines, but in some cases cruise companies run their own charters, so that all your companions will also go on a cruise.

Upon your arriving at the International Terminal, you will be picked up by cruise personnel who will guide you to your harbour transfers where you will be checked in and boarded upon your arriving at the dock. In case you are arriving too belatedly, the boat will leave without you and you will have to find your own way to the next dock.

You will not make it to the terminal in good season if the boat arrives delayed or if there are delayed arrivals due to custom or migration. Transfer is not part of the price, but you can buy it from the cruise company. You can also take a cab to the international airports, as there are always many possibilities from the cruise linchpip.

In the event of several delays, the vessel can maintain its position. When you have a cruise only business and organised your own travel, you will usually have to go to the nearest harbour at your own cost. Make sure you have received or hard-copyed your cruise ticket, review everything thoroughly, and immediately inform your cruise company if you discover any errors.

Complete all the necessary paperwork and make sure your baggage is labelled with a tag that is sent by the cruise company either by mail or e-mail. When you make your cruise reservation, make sure you have the necessary visa for all harbours - and don't lose your pass. When you are planning to buy a beverage packet instead of paying as you go for on-board beverages, it is good to check this in before your cruise, as packets are always highlighted up when you get on board -- sometimes by as much as 20 per cent (see ground up!).

From snorkeling, gulf or tenis, make sure that the gear can be rented and how high the prices are. K. Round trips are easy as there are no baggage limits on board an airliner. You can take it on board as long as it will fit in your cab. There is a good selection of rental gear on family-friendly boats.

Ask your line before you travel. A number of vessels also provide chemical purification. They will be UK on UK routes, while US routes have US and sometimes Europe. It is recommended to have your own adapter, but it is also available on board or you can ask at the front desk. Flachbilbildschirme on newer vessels.

Widespread on newer vessels, but also wake-up shouts can be set up. Notice: Many outlines prohibit the reception of objects with a heater, e.g. travelling kettle, straightener etc.. Take the first few lessons to discover the boat and make early bookings for spas, specialty meals, and favorite outings.

In most cruise companies, you can also make a pre-booking on line. It is noteworthy that if the boat has specialty dining, they will often serve something for free (like a glass of wine) on the first evening of the cruise; the same applies to the resort, which will have it all. and do the security exercise.

It' supplied every night of your cruise and provides information on next-day harbour visits, entertainments, acitivities and courses, as well as specific spas or retailing deal. On board, you can book land trips at the ship's tour counter and sometimes via the TV in the cab. You will also purport to be less expensive than cruise lines, and you will be able to reserve and dump you back to your boat.

Notice: It is your duty to return to the boat when you do your own thing - the boat will not be waiting for you. Cruises can be expensive, but they can provide you with an experience you cannot repeat elsewhere. It is also safe, as the boat does not leave until all the organized trips have been made.

If you' re late, the boat will be waiting. Have a look at our Port of Call message board, because you will see what other cruise ships say about trips they have made in each city. With more and more wires having good onboard Wi-Fi up and running, it's a good idea to buy a bundle and stay in contact through free IM applications like WhatsApp or iMessage.

Please provide your nearest relative of the cruise route, the name of the cruise line and the name and telephone number of your vessel (available in the cruise documentation, on the website or from the reservation department). The majority of cruise liners have Wi-Fi is available either ship-wide or in open areas, so you can login with your own equipment.

However, the best places to do so are the cruise terminals, the on-shore café or the port cafés and bars, which offer free Wi-Fi to you. It' a noncash system on board a ship. Several cruise liners have an ATM on board and select ones will be able to redeem travellers' checks at the payer's counter.

A number of vessels also provide foreign currencies conversion, although land-based prices tended to be cheaper. On board there are usually sea sickness pills and bracelets for active substances, which are also available at the front desk and in the health-center. Further treatment includes bandages that are placed behind the ears and deliver medication through the body, sea sickness shots and specific spas.

The limitations differ, but most routes do not allow expectant mothers to cruise if they are the last 24 week after the end of the cruise. Boarding: If the boat you have selected has different seats, you will be given the specifics to which you have been assigned in advanced. A number of routes have clergymen on board for major liturgical celebrations, such as Christmas, Easter, Passover, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

A number of them provide service on a week basis, usually headed by the master or another mate. Cruises like to move the ship for those who celebrate a particular event, whether it' s a birthdays, honeymoons or anniversaries. A number of routes provide vow and package renewals, and some bigger boats have their own marriage chapel.

Inform your cruise line when you book and review rates and reservation periods, as these range from three to six months before your depart. Some cruise companies do not babysit in the cabins, so see which ones do and what group baby sitting is available at the children's shelter.

Familycruising for children to cruise with. Tips are not charged by Thomson Triises and Saga as they are all-inclusive. The same applies to cruise companies such as Voyages to Antiquity. Luxurious brands such as Crystal cruises, Seabourn, Regent Seven Seas and Silversea as well as the Azamara Club cruises luxury line also contain tips.

A number of bulk carriers now allow customers to tip in advance before they set out. Ensure that you verify it and verify any disagreements with the paymaster or the hoteldesk. When you have a special unanswered questions, go to Cruise Critic's messaging board, which offers a wide range of information from cruise professionals who usually answer all first cruiser questions quickly.

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