Vatuvara Private Islands Resort

Resort Vatuvara Private Islands

The Vatuvara Private Islands can only be reached by private plane. The guests reach Vatuvara by Twin Otter, the resort's private plane. The Vatuvara Private Islands can only be reached by private plane. Uinhabited islands of Fiji - Lau Islands - Private islands of Fiji. Vatuvara Island Resort is a luxurious resort in Fiji offering three villas on a private island.

Private Vatuvara Islands Private Islands

Situated in the remote, unspoilt Fiji countryside, Vatuvara Private Islands provides a secluded and private environment for the demanding traveler. Since this is a private area, it can only be accessed with our private plane. The private timetable depends on the flights of our customers and we will pick up your customers on your arrivals at Nadi Airport, Fiji.

Vatuvara Private Islands Resort, an all-inclusive oasis of pleasure and luxurious living with only 3 villas, is the embodiment of an exquisite Tropic city. Prices includes entrance to the Isle, all food and drinks during your sojourn, unrestricted spas treatment, 4-hole gulf on our eco-labelled course, unrestricted jet ski and water sports gear rental, game fishing, cultural activities and day trips to Vatuvara Isle.

The Delana is our first 6500 square meter mansion with an outdoor spas and whirlpool. It is the only mansion with its own lawn and an office on the sea that leads to the private bath. The interiors of Vatu and Saku are the same, with a floor area of 4300m² and 3200m² respectively.

The Villa Saku has a smaller swimmingpool and a private area. Each of the three mansions has its own private seaside entrance, swimming pools, spas and an electrical stroller for the island's guests. Each of the 3 mansions has a cooking area, a refrigerator with favourite drinks and drinks and a pub. You can also enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi in the mansions and our two restaurant.

The Vatuvara Private Islands Resort, a secret harbor in the South Pacific

The Vatuvara Private Islands is so far off the well-trodden paths that you can get there by the resort's private twins. Don't overlook the outside and down - you'll cross many smaller islands. Aquamarine, Turkis and Kobalt are all colors I can use to describe the South Pacific.

Vatuvara Private Islands Resort's proprietor, Jim Jannard, has built a magic place for tourists and natives. This resort offers jobs for the local population, something that was missing in such a secluded place. A group of folks who like their work and their islands, always smile and want you to have the quality of your live.

Vatuvara Private Islands Resort is so secluded and private that it draws the experienced, demanding traveler - a traveler who knows that he is spoiled and nurtured, and all this on the Isle. Yes, be ready to unwind as the Fiji Islands are at a standstill. There are 3 one-bedroom mansions with folding beds for up to 2 kids and if you are a group you can take over the whole area.

You can choose from Jim's Bar & Grill for a cosy meal while the Valhalla restaurants hover above the lagoon, offering you the opportunity to dine inside or outside, with a hot South Pacific breezes for group. Outside the resort there is much to discover and the employees are always ready to help with routes and personal services.

Amusement facilities including Meke, Fiji story telling through dancing and are a must for the resort's guests. About Vatuvara Private Islands Resort? The temperature ranges between 26 and 31°C, a mild breeze strokes you, the colors enchant you and the joyful, friendly employees of the resort spoil you.

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