Kosrae Accommodation

Cosrae Accommodation

Locate hotels on Kosrae, fm online. Reserve your hotel in Kosrae now. Kosrae Nautilus Resort, Kosrae hotels near Kosrae on TripAdvisor: Cosrae airport only on hotel and travel index. Cosrae Nautilus is one of the most picturesque and friendly islands in the world, considered the jewel in Micronesia's crown..


Best Kosrae Hotels - Accommodation in and around Kosrae, Micronesia

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The 18-room building focuses on luxury, ease and consider. Distinctive Tropic Garden surrounds the dining room and lounge area, with an enticing outdoor diving area. Every room is air-conditioned with two twin bedded rooms, refrigerator, mini-breakfast, tea/coffee making facility, 22 channel wired TV, telephone, Wi-Fi, hot and cold power and hot utility, and day-to-day room services.

The Federated States of Micronesia -YAP, CHUU, POHNPEI, KOSRAE-

FacilitiesTelephone, TV, Lamp, Air conditioning, Air conditioning, Blower, Fridge, Local crafts, Bathroom. AccessNext to Lelu Dam, 15 minutes driving to the Tofol International Airports, 5 minutes driving to Tofol. Pricing $119.00 - $159.00 (+ 5% tax) available for Armed Forces, Goverment and Environment/Science. For further information please contact the KOSRAE visitor office.

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