Yasawa Flyer Ferry

Flyer Ferry Yasawa

The Denarau Marina to Fiji's Yasawa Islands. You can use the search box to check prices and availability on the Yasawa Flyer from Fiji to the Yasawa Islands. Yasawa Flyer departs daily from Fiji (Vitu Levu) to the Yasawa Islands. When you are not in a hurry, you can relax on a boat trip with one of the ferry companies. Schedule a visit to the Yasawa Flyer Ferry, Fiji.

Flyer - Ferry connection between the Denarau and Yasawa Isles

You can use the locator to find the Yasawa flyer from Fiji to the Yasawa Isles for price and availabilty. Just choose between jumping to and from the isle, choose your routes and appointments and then click on look. Yasawa Flyer leaves every day from Fiji (Vitu Levu) to the Yasawa Isles. The ferry leaves Denarau at 8:30 a.m. and returns at 5:45 p.m. It travels between more than 12 different Yasawa Isles and stops at the Blue Lagoon.

Please review the rates, seats available and immediate confirmation of your booking via our special travel booking tool at the top of this page. With 259 seats, a fully licenced lounge area, a cafe and open-air observation platforms, the Yasawa Flyer is the best way to jump between Denarau and Yasawa.

It can take between 30 and 5 hrs, according to the islands you wish to explore. Present your confirmation (s) at Marina Denarau to the Awesome Adventures Fiji team and you will receive your ticket. Yasawa Flyer is a 27 metre long high-speed sailing boat with a cruise velocity of 24 kts.

It has a large, air-conditioned lower cab, a Captain's Lounges on the top decks, an information desks, information displays with plasmas and a variety of seats and open-air surfaces. Yasawa Flyer can accommodate up to 250 people. Yasawa Flyer provides a basic fare and the Captain's Lounge with different rates for adult and child.

Deck: Seat outside: You can book up to 24 hrs in advanced and if you have any queries, you are welcome to visit our FAQ page or contact us.

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Would it be a good idea to reserve the Yasawa flyer upfront? Because of the high bookings required, it is recommended to make your reservation on-line. You will receive an automatic reply that your enquiry has been submitted, but not as a definitive reply.

You' ll get another e-mail from our customer advisor who will handle your transaction and give you your reservation number.

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