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Explore Alaska's Inside Passage aboard the best cruise lines sailing to Alaska. Discover the ports of call and plan a perfect trip with Alaska experts! Drive to the Inside Passages and be inspired by the breathtaking beauty of Alaska, including huge glaciers, rainforests and magnificent fjords. The Alaska Inside Passage Cruise travels with award-winning small cruise ships along the coast of Alaska and Canada. Drive to Inside Passage, a narrow waterway between high mountains known for its spectacular scenery.

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Are you mentioning an "Alaska cruise" and what do you think? Massif tidal glacier, wooded isles, ice-cut fiords and enchanting seaside cities such as Juneau, Ketchikan, Haines and Skagway are waiting for you here. You' ll be visiting even more private harbours on small boatboats. The Glacier Bay National Park and Hubbard Glacier are heroes.

Since the 1890s, people have come to Alaska for miraculous accounts of Glacier Bay tales of lofty ice peaks, calving ice mountains into the ocean and unimaginable scenery. By the time the renowned natural scientist John Muir discovered Glacieray, much of today's cove did not yet existed.

Indeed, one of the main reason Glacier Bay has been conserved as a natural reserve is that it is a live lab; as the glacier retreats, researchers can now investigate the progress of flora and fauna and uncover the secrets of past glaciations. Glacier Bay is still one of Alaska's most sought -after seaside resorts and the most frequented of all.

Begin your wild trip in Juneau, the capital of Alaska, and end up in Sitka, the ideal place to observe the fusion of Russian and Alaskan culture. Explore Glacier Bay National Park, watch birds on South Marble Island, search for cetaceans in the Icy Strait, walk along the Icy Strait and when your skipper points the way for adventures, take a boat or skip for a full days of led explorations.

The itinerary can also be reversed, beginning in Sitka and ending in Juneau. From Seattle to Juneau or the other way round, this extravagant fjord, forest and wildlife experience takes you to the coast. A 15-day cruise to showcase the best of the Pacific Northwest and the Inside Passages of Canada and Alaska, featuring Glacier Bay National Park, Olympic National Park, Tongass National Forest and Misty Funds National Monument.

From Sitka we head up a craggy coast to Glacier Bay National Park, famous for its huge tidal ice. Juneau to Sitka cruise includes tours of LeConte, Sawyer, South Sawyer and Baird glaciers. Between Juneau and Ketchikan, make your way on an 8-day cruise of landscape wonder, spectacle game watching and adventure in the wild.

You will be amazed by the Dawes Glacier's bluish face, the wooded feed areas of Stephens Passage, the varied ecosystems of Misty Fjord National Monument and Kiksetti Totem Park in Wrangell for various reason. You can enjoy guiding you through Alaska on the shore or on board, spa demonstrations, weight trainings and gym classes during an 8-day cruise through Alaska's stunning Inside Passage.

Enjoy two nights to explore Glacier Bay National More..... A 7-day roundabout from Juneau offers two full day in Glacier Bay National Park, where the icy foliage of glaci plunges into the ocean. This is a great choice for those looking for a pure cruise time. It' a roundtrip ride from San Francisco (i.e. you don't have to travel through the Bay of San Francisco like on a cruise) and you'll still meet the high points of the Inside Passage: Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway & Glacier Bay National Park.

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