How long is the North Island of new Zealand

What is the length of New Zealand's North Island?

North Island (M?ori: Te Ika-a-M?ui) is one of the two main islands of New Zealand, separated from the slightly larger but much less populated South Island by the Cook Strait. We' d like to explore both the North and South Islands. I' ve been toying with this post in my head for a long time.

What is the best place to stay on the North Island? We're not going to go through all the talk about there not being enough time to travel on North Island in a week.

For how long should you stay in New Zealand?

It' s hard to overestimate how long you should spend visiting New Zealand to see it well. There is a great deal to see and many tourists tend to ignore the journey and journey time to us. Knowing the place helps you to make the most of your stay. The country is much bigger than many people are aware.

We rarely have long straights on our streets. It is therefore vital to plan a tour that fits your site and wish lists without neglecting travel times to get the most out of your New Zealand years. Although the ride is great and the landscape is amazing, don't try to get in too much.

Every area and every tourist goal has a lot to discover and do. 3 to 5 day tours from Auckland, Wellington Christchurch or Queenstown (the most favourite start and finish locations). A 5-10 day excursion means that you can spend more than 2 overnight stays on an island. For 10-14 day trips you can start on one island and end on the other.

If it takes more than 21 working nights, this means that you can begin to adjust a route to your interests instead of being timed to what is possible.

So how long does it take to travel to New Zealand?

New Zealand driver vacations should be on every pail roll. No, although New Zealand is small, it is not quite as small as ten and twenty mins. The North Island is 829 km long from the tip to the south tip and takes 12 hrs of travel between Kaitaia and Wellington.

Here are some of our popular self-drive routes in New Zealand to help you get in. We' re ready to help you design the ultimate New Zealand riding experience for you and your group.

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