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Yasawa Turtle Island

Cultural entertainment; sailing - hobiecats; snorkelling; Yasawa Islands. Locations, prices, amenities: Expert Turtle Island Research, hotel and travel index only.

The Turtle Island Resort in Yasawa Islands, Fiji offers luxurious cottages (Bures) in Fijian style with handmade furniture and jacuzzi. I' ve been to Turtle Island. Local Fijians sing and dance on Turtle Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

Fiji, Turtle Island: Memorable island is more than just luxurious

This is Turtle Island, an all-encompassing, yielding, privately owned island sanctuary in Fiji's Yasawa range of islands. is not a term that is in the Turtle Island Dictionary. Your very own Bure Mom is just that - the Fiji mother you never had. Your heart's desires are to pamper you with sparkling wine, home-made cookies, refreshments, fruit plates, small presents and memos, stems of sunburned alloe leaf, everyday activities and clean linen - thank you, Mom Adi, our new mother.

A breeze blows from the South Seas, the rain flows over the island, then back out to the ocean, the tree waves with their hands, coconut falls (preferably not on my head), the tides rise and retreat and the day passes well. It is no wonder that kids admire Turtle Island, which is visited during this year's April, June-July and December-January Familiyweek. Many of them have gone back to their adult years.

From Nadi we reach the Turtle Island Turtle Airways floatplane - 30 interesting min. while the Yasawas are swept by tropic wind. Turtle Island is even more than a million years old in the rainy season - a powdered half moon of sandy surrounds a traditional, low-lying, environmentally responsible seaside with only 14 giant, well-placed Boers hung their feet in clear, crystal-clear water.

They are located on the protected west side of the island in lush vegetation with rosebush, broth, fragrant puree, frigipani and stallion. Mama Adi and Turtle Island General Managers Rob Burns accompany us to a bull choir at our large law firm. We are also honored to be guest of honor at the employee assembly on our last days, where we are introduced with our picture gallery and asked to contact our employees.

I am able to name and thank many employees, which is testimony to the interrelations. We are pampered by the award-winning Jacques Reymond of Melbourne's former Jacques Reymond Restaurant, Turtle Island's Regional and Tima. Ato and Bill, our executives, welcome us.

Isle of Wainese is the island's sutler. Mister Lui explained the unbelievable photovoltaic system, because the island is 100 percent equipped with the largest Yasawas display area. These two-line thatched roof chambers, traditionally constructed from island material made of hardwood and rock, undergo a "gentle upgrade".

Lighting the interior will underline the charms of the Boers with their traditional weaved covers of leaves and covers that tell island afresh. Brures have giant, petal-saturated, net-like bedding, outdoor spa, dual shower and pool with Pure Fiji Kokosnusslotion and soap and lemongrass insecticide, two bathrooms, a cooking area, radiator, lounge area, veranda with deckchair, sand mat and deck chair to observe the settin' sundowner, which makes its way across the waters to the nearby Nanuya Lei Lei Lei or Little Turtle Island.

Alternatively a sparkling wine picknick on one of the 14 privately owned sandy spots, with titles like Honeymoon, Devil's, Shell, Racheli's. You can also enjoy a dinner in one of the many places - perhaps a barge in the lake with sparkling star pictures and a mullets jump while you enjoy a Beni creations.

You can also visit Cliff Point with its own 180-degree view, on the top of the mountain or on the dock. Or, you plant your own little papawree and name it in our case after our first baby Georgia, so that a small part of us stays on the island.

Or, if you're a maskist, a 1980s Blue Lagoon pop-corn show with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, shot on Turtle Island and a landmark for Sundays after supper. Evanson created Turtle Island. The 202-hectare island was purchased in 1974 by an American who had grown up with the wish to own a tropic island.

By the end of the working day, the employees will be singing their beautiful fidschian goodbye, Ise Leu. Mom Adi puts a Hibiskus Lei around my throat. Fiji`s first water plane aviator, the enchanting Mintesh Prasad, takes us back to Nadi and entertains us with stories of film heroes. If you' ve ever visited Turtle Island, you'll doubtless have forgotten.

This 10-minute low-level trip takes you diving and snorkelling to the lime caves of Sawa-I-Lau, home of the Yasawa god Ulutini. This two to four hours trip will be booked by Turtle Island. Visiting a nearby town to enjoy the heat of Fiji living. The Turtle Island can arrange a trip because many of the employees are on the other side of the canal.

Scuba diving with shark free at Nacula Island's Blue Diving Center at Blue Lagoon Resort. Talk to the harbor worker from Turtle Island. There are many carriers like Qantas/Fiji Airways, Jetstar and Virgin flying from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Nadi, and Turtle Airways links you to the island. Allison Stewart was a visiting artist on Turtle Island.

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