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Anchorage to the Rocky Mountains, cruises to Alaska offer grizzly wildlife, breathtaking glaciers and the legendary Northern Lights. Alaska Cruises collection lets you discover the breathtaking coastline. They' re unique Alaskan cruises. With Alaska Cruises you have the opportunity to discover a land untouched by the modern world. Alaska Cruises at the lowest prices.

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The Alaska cruise is different from any other cruise in the canal. The glacier offers some of the most exciting sight-seeing and sound you will ever have. Alaska cruises have one of the most exciting facets of being able to see a wide range of game.

Alaska Best Trips

This is our selection of the most thrilling adventure you can experience on the waters of Alaska and Canada. Princess Cruises is one of the most important major regional cruise companies, carrying more people than any other competitor thanks to the number of sailings - no less than 113 on six vessels this year.

After 15 years of absenteeism, in 2017 Mr Séabourn will return to Alaska on six "ultra-luxurious" routes. This excursion is offered in Tracy Arm and Misty Fjords, two of Alaska's natural highpoints. The Regent Seven Seas luxurious line has also made investments in its trips and vessels. In an area where there is much to be learned, Regent has a celebrated instructor on every cruise, Terry Breen: he has 20 years of sailin' to Alaska.

In 2018, Norway's Cruise Line will make another distinction when it receives a new 4,000-passenger vessel, named Alaska Cruise for Alaska. Having more than 30 years of teaching in Alaska, its pedagogical elements are particularly powerful, and recently the line has made a great endeavor to draw family.

This year there are three special familycruise runs between Juneau and Sitka with extra education programs and other child-friendly acitivities. And Lindblad also provides an extraordinary variety of routes by offering three day tours from Seattle to Sitka on the Canadian Queen Charlotte Islands. One of the smallest family-friendly businesses in the area is Alaska Small Ship Cruises, whose luxurious 12-berth MV Sikumi, which has been especially constructed for the waterways of Alaska, can offer catamaran tours in and around Juneau, but can also be chartered as a private cruise for tailor-made, cross-generational groups of families.

Dining and trips can be customized (and are included), and the Sikumi also provides all the advantages of a small boat cruise in one of the most varied areas of the Inside Passage area. Sailing from £4,850 per passenger or 36,500 full day charters, with departures between June and September. Small boat and cruise expeditions offer a greater choice of travel locations and a route to landscapes that are not accessible to large ships.

In 2019, the cruise will make its Alaska début with the 930-passenger cruise ship named Spirit in Alaska. The old canned seafood plant has been renovated at Icy Strait Point; a trip around Yakutat Bay will unveil one of Alaska's impressive icebergs; Valdez is a former gold rush harbour.

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