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French Polynesian Islands hotels

What is the duration of a stay in French Polynesia, 2 or 3 week? - Polynesia/French Message Board What is the duration of a stay in French Polynesia, 2 or 3 week? Hello, we are going to FP sometime at the end of October / beginning of November. We' re planing to tour a little, and since we don't have a very big money, we don't plan to stay a long while in Tahiti / Bora Bora, but to move to less tourist / costly islands.

Is there enough to do for 3 working nights? We' re going to New Zealand afterwards, which will be very busy, so we don't care to snoop around a little, but are three too many short snoops? We' re not scuba diving.... 1. Re: How long do we stay in French Polynesia, 2 or 3 wards?

So, I must say, 3 wks is not too much! However, on most islands, especially Moorea, Huahine and Maupiti, there are good accommodation options. I' d go to four islands if I had three wards there. Re: How long to French Polynesia to be spent 2 or 3 week?

Re: How long to French Polynesia to be spent 2 or 3 week? We' ve purchased the Air Tahiti Bora Bora-Tuamotu Pass. I am used to travelling a great deal on my travels and the flight is quite brief so I don't care. Where we' re going to be staying: Where I wanted to remain, but it'?s full:

Re: How long to stay in French Polynesia, 2 or 3 week?

Polynesia-French Honeymoon | travel guide europe

Even before landing in French Polynesia, you can see the group of archipelagoes that make up the land from the air: small bands of corals and sandy stretches around solid pools that surround hills that seem to come out of nowhere. It' s so verdant and dramatically, and because the pools are so flat, the colours always vary every few clouds pass by.

It is the most wonderful place I have ever been to and a place for honeymooning where you can completely unwind after the hectic times surrounding a marriage. Le Taha'a, one of my favourite objects for honeymoons in French Polynesia, is located on the secluded, privately owned Motu Tautau opposite the Taha'a Isle on one side and Bora Bora on the other.

Approaching the islands by ferry, you will see the lush vegetation of the palms that rise above the dark purple waters. In my view, Le Taha'a is one of the most luxury hotels in French Polynesia, but it has an atmosphere of authenticity, unlike some of the bigger necklaces. There is a small sandbar directly in front of the shore, with the coral that is a nice place for a candle light meal.

You will be served by your waitress as the sundowner sets over the waters of Bora Bora behind Mount Otemanu. It also has the most astonishing reefs. When you stay in one of the above-water bungalow, you can give your new partner a surprising kayak breakfas.

The Pearl Beach and Bora Bora Spa is another dignified honeymoon retreat. Enjoy your holiday at the Pearl Beach Spa. From Tahiti a brief easy fly, the view from the airplane is breathtaking. Located on a privately owned moto - an insulated sandbar that separates the sandbar from the rest of the sandy beach - the complex overlooks both the turquoise-blue Laguna and the wooded, Jurassic Bora Bora, which towers sharply out of the sands.

You can choose between a selection of seaside mansions or above-water bungalow. Situated on the shore, the villa has a view, a garden decorated with flowers, diving pool and a hammock. Above water bungalow have stairs directly into the Laguna and are equipped with under water lights so that you can feeding the tropic species after the night.

It is the only place off the western shore of the islands so you can enjoy continuous, crystalline water from your room. Since it is situated on a sandbar, there is more beaches here than in hotels on the continent. The majority of hotels in French Polynesia present a bride with a Tahiti bead, one of the best in the whole wide underworld. This is a great note for a honeymoon.

To take home a present, you can buy beads from the spring at one of the many bead-farm. The remote bays of French Polynesia are a meeting place for mantas, and experienced natives will take you to crystalline pools where you can float and scuba dip near the charming jets as they slide through the waters.

I' ve made a journey as part of a group of six people, but you can choose a private tour on a Polynesian traditionally built cruiser. Its interior is luxuriant with vertical outcrops. I would suggest going to a typical French Polynesian nightspot.

Dancing is an important part of Polynesian civilization and story, and fire takes a pivotal place with flares that light up the sand while the costumed performers. Usually followed by a barbeque with a lot of locally produced food with a lot of coconuts, which are cultivated on the islands and are used in many areas of the kitchen.

With 10 to 14 nights you can expand your holiday to two French Polynesian holiday destinations. Besides your principal land on your Bora Bora or Taha'a or other remote islands on your Honeymoon, I would suggest a stopover on Moorea. It is a leafy little town, surrounded by leafy café and granite fields where you can meet the local people and experience the daily work.

Moorea Pearl Resort and Spa provides relaxation accommodation with a choice of surface, seaside and outdoor bungalow accommodation. For exploring it is recommended to rent a vehicle for half a days and drive into the inner part of the archipelago, which is littered with pinapple orchards and cascades. French Polynesia is a good place to combine your French Polynesia holiday with a visit to Los Angeles before and after your flights to the islands.

Located in the heart of the city, the famed Andaz has hosted some of the most popular and interesting pop artists like The Rolling Stones and The Who. The roof swimming pools, presented in Rolling Stone Magazin, offer an unbelievable view over West Hollywood and Beverley Hills. Of the selection of hotels here, I would choose Loews or Palihouse, both near Santa Monica's most popular Sights.

Only two places in the worid have airplanes to Easter Isle, and one of them is Tahiti. The simple combination is well suited to combine some French Polynesian seaside fun with a weekend on the secluded, windswept islet with its gigantic Moais. The temperature in French Polynesia ranges throughout the year between the high 1920s and early 1930s Celsius (1960s to 1980s Fahrenheit).

Its luxuriant green means that rains are falling, so the best period to prevent damp conditions is between May and September. For my part, I would prefer to stay away from July and August, as the islands may be occupied by other people during the summer vacation.

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