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Founded in 2009 as FIOR, the firm provides 24/7 tailored customer care to a selected and restricted number of customers in the areas of retailing, finance, safety, law, leisure/industry. It concentrates mainly on fire protection and incident response design and schooling.

Established by Joe Holden and Tommy Mann, the firm has over two decades of police and firefighting experience in central Scotland and nationally and internationally. Carol Holden came to us in 2014 to manage the businesses, activities and trainings.

Throughout their career, the FIOR staff has gained a scarce and unparalleled track record of leadership, design, training and responsiveness to a range of career challenges: We also have a number of staff with a wealth of expertise in the areas of safety, investigating pecuniary crimes, crises and all issues related to the resistance of companies.

Fire starts thrilling new live play course! We at FIOR are proud to have provided trainings for: and many more esteemed customers. IFSM President Chris Richards presented Tommy Mann with the Accredited Centre Certificate at the IFSM Technical Meeting on 27 July 2016.

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Advised the Ministry of Education, Employment and Industrial Relations within the Ministry's National Office Relocation Projects, which included consolidating the Ministry's existing leases throughout Canberra into a unique location within Civic. Mr. Fabio was the lead attorney who advised the department and included the drafting and negotiating of the tender, the Design, Construction and Letting Agreement (ADCL), which was designed as an optional letting arrangement, the letting, various other documentation for the deal (such as guarantees and indemnities, certificate and bank commitment) and the tendering process for various consulting agreements related to the work.

ADCL is a comprehensive construction project that commissions the client to build a structure that meets DEEWR's specifications. DHS advised the National Support Office Project in the Tuggeranong (now Caroline Chisholm Centre), a green field site that now accommodates a 45,000 sq. m. NAL facility with five stars.

Mr Fabio provided advice on the award of the construction, workplace and admission monitoring agreement. He worked in close cooperation with the RFT contractor arranging the various RFT's and agreements. The Head Fit-out Contractor package was modelled on the Defence Managing Contractor Agreement with project-specific variants.

Specifically, the agreement with the Head Fitout Contractor includes responsibilities for budgeting and costs in Level 1 and contractual managment and building commitments in Level 2. Fabio took over the further developement of the next two projects of the National Support Office in Canberra as a consequence of the work on this one. Representing the Ministry of Defense in the ADFA Rehabilitation Program, which is an AU$100 million arming program for ADFA, including the use of the Ministry of Defense Administration Agreement.

A comprehensive assesment of risks and the examination and elaboration of the tender and the contract were carried out to make sure that the defence goals of clearness and security in relation to a comprehensive set of discreet work were met over a period of four years. Questions of accessibility and responsibilities for sequence, appropriateness of the Defence Projekt Brief, delivery and approval of the work, including NCA and PWC accreditations, were crucial areas in which Fabio advised and assisted the Defence projekt group.

Representing the Ministry of Defense in the negotiation of a rental and servicing contract for the Ministry's most vulnerable information for missioncritical space in NAWI. It was Defence's first such arrangement and with more than AU$120 million is Defence's biggest individual leased-acquisition.

Substantial negotiation was conducted with the privileged vendor to assure the center's adequacy and to satisfy the Ministry's custom safety needs, and further negotiation was conducted with the Ministry of Finance and deregulation to obtain an exception from the Commonwealth datacenter as a whole committee. Representing the Ministry of Defence in the CSI - ACT/NSW Regional Accommodation Project, which included negotiating with Canberra International Airport for the acquisition and supply of five specially erected structures with a total area of more than 45,000 sq. metres of land, including all defence equipment, to satisfy the defence needs.

Included in this was negotiation, preparation and strategy consulting on the topics selected in the documents and to ensure an economically viable result within a very short timeframe. On behalf of the National Museum of Australia (NMA), a new administrative block was developed, which was to be added to adjacent structures on the site of the National Museum in Canberra.

He consulted the NMA design engineering design engineering department on the appropriate contractual arrangements for the design, discussed the requirements for meeting the scheduled date of supply and drew up the design of the building agreement and the bidding documentation. He consulted the NMA in the bidding process, supported the negotiations with the client and concluded the deed.

In the course of the early earthworks, on-site detection of the presence of asbestos took place and Fabio supported the NMA in providing guidance and mitigation to minimize the effects of the expected delays and provided in-depth guidance on the NMA's policy choices available under the construction agreement, in particular on whether there was a deferred status or whether the client did not properly test the site terms before the works, as requested by the work.

Providing AU$ 170 million to the Department of Health and Aging for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse at RPA under its arrangement with the State of NSW, the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. He then consulted, bargained and enforced stricter requirements through multiparty contracts to make sure the money was properly disbursed and cleared throughout the duration of the projects.

Mr. Fabio was the lead attorney who led the cases, developed the related transactional documentation and advised on questions that could affect the purchase and further growth of the property. Representing Investa Property Group in the drafting of a contract for the rental and leasing of the entire 62 Northbourne Avenue to the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Processing and LOC.

The case included the negotiations of modernisation works and incentives between Investa and the Department, as well as support for Investa in the variation of Crown leases to make better use of the groundfloor of the property; and various business and retailing leases on 64 Northbourne Avenue. Datapod advised on the foundation and sale of products in Australia and Asia.

Fabio has been engaged in the preparation and consultancy of many of the large scale investments, building contracts and lease deals on the purchasing aspect of the investment or deal. "occupational liabilities - Behind terminated doors", Professional Development Program du Propriété Council of Australia (ACT Division). "Professional Development Program du Proprefété de Australia (ACT Division).

"Property Council of Australia (ACT Division) Professional Development Program", "Legal Aspects of Owning and Transacting Property". "Lease Basics", presented to the Department of Defence Property Branch. "Projektabwicklungsmodelle und Risikomanagementinstrumente in Bauprojekten", presented to the Parliamentary Services Department. "Property Council of Australia (ACT Division) Professional Development Program on Advanced Commercial Property Asset Management.

"Property Council of Australia (ACT Division) Professional Development Program", "Legal Aspects of Owning and Transacting Property". "The Commonwealth Leasing Process", Property Council of Australia (ACT Division) Professional Development Program. "The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and the Property Sector", Property Council of Australia (ACT Division) Green Building Blitz II Workshop. Suggested in The Legal 500 Asia Pacific 2017 in Construction, Australia.

Ranking of the Best Lawyers 2015 - Construction/Infrastructure Law, Government Practice, Real Estate Law.

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