Fiji Island Holiday Packages

Fiji-island holiday packages

Inexpensive holiday packages in Fiji. Have a look at the latest updates for our fantastic holiday packages we offer on Vomo Island Fiji. Best Denarau Island Holidays and Packages 2018 Would you like to reserve a holiday on the island of Denarau? The Denarau Island holiday packages on TripAdvisor make it easy and economical to plan your journey, whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday, a relaxing holiday with the whole host family or just an all-inclusive holiday. Travelers like you have given 20,598 ratings and published 5,139 hotel snapshots of Denarau Island.

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Best Fiji holiday packages

Do you fancy a unique holiday to enjoy the limitless Fiji-Island? It' great because your mates at Treasure Island Resort have put together this handy'go to' guidebook to make sure your activities route is as busy or as relaxed as you want it to be. Continue reading to learn more about the unbelievable Fiji isles and what to do and see when you visit Fiji.

The name Fiji is a synonym for crystalline waters, colourful algae and a wealth of marine underseas. In this way, Fiji Islanders are immediately attracted to the pristine whirlpool of the tropic oceans. Rather, we show you some of our favorite marine sports and you can choose what's right for you.

And the Resorts head cooks it even on the grill by the sea for you and your mates. SCOBA DIVING - Treasure Island Reserve has a wide selection of PADI diving courses and led tours. Snorkeling - the highlight of your Fiji Island vacation begins the minute you put on your masks and fins and watch the countless tropic sea creatures in front of your face.

Notice: In Fiji the clearness of the waters is amazing! Raise your goals high and marvel at the Fiji Islands from a boundless view. Windsurfing - Fiji has world-class windsurfing all year round! The Treasure Island Resort provides windsurfing holidays on some of the most popular spots like Cloudbreak and Wilkes Pass. Kayak - what a great way to explore the tropics.

Snowboard Safaris - a real race of hearts adventures in the sea. Booking a Jetski trip and visiting unspoilt, uninhabitated shores and island with palms of coconuts. Throttle the romantic button to full throttle, because there's just no way to get out of your HR camera when you're on holiday in the middle of a Fijian paradise.

And, yes, at Treasure Island Resort the unique sense of "love in the air" is at work. Fiji is often chosen by a couple for a stag or marriage and to re-connect with their mate. Sand Bar Picnics - Enthusiasts will find themselves in a remote landscape of postcards. We have a committed bridal staff and can customize a promise renovation service to your needs!

The Fiji Islands provide a wonderful mix of Pacific food and modern tastes from around the world. We have many restaurants on site, but we suggest you book a place at our beach Matasawa Teppanyaki Barbecue to underline the holiday lifestyle of your fan cier with a magic evening.

Unafraid people are often looking for a feeling of calm when they jump on a Fiji island. The Treasure Island Resort invites our clients to relax whenever and wherever they want. Raise a wicker lounger and make yourself at home in the three-level inflinity swimming pools overlooking the sea's blues.

Tip: There is no better way to get the rest of the year off the coast than a bath in the mornings. All in all, we want to ensure that your holiday in Fiji will exceed your expectation of a relaxing, exciting or family-filled one. A legendary Fiji seaside retreat, Treasure Island has been making travelers welcome and rewarding for over 40 years!

Find your Fiji holiday gem at the treasures of Fiji and re-discover the simplicity of the ocean, waves and sands. As part of their Fiji holiday packages, visitors to this resort are welcome to use the following at any time: kayaks - command your way around the island, slow down and whet your appetite for your comeback.

Snorkelling gear is available for kids and grown-ups at all times. There are a lot of seafood in the ocean right in front of your room! Minigolf - a funny group activities for everyone, situated in our tropic garden. It is our passion at TREASSE to preserve the island that we call home.

You can help the vulnerable loggerhead sea turtles to become stronger by giving them food before they are marked and discharged into the sea, or take the children along to give them our wonderful Rare Crested Iguanas. Treasure's award-winning honeymoon staff knows how to make an island party stylish. We have been in the shop of romance for a long while and our esteemed marriage coordinator Lavina (see name?) is an authority on the delivery of a full-fledged tropic marriage.

Prospective chicks can always get in touch with us to plan the most emotional days of their lives. Regardless of the scale of your celebration, we will put together a Fiji holiday pack that will include lodging, transfer, flowers, celebrants, theme decoration, theme and more. An intimate beach celebration is an excellent place to get married, as the deep sea backdrop provides a picture book backdrop.

Sigavou Beach Chapel is a beautiful place on a remote part of the island.

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