Where to Stay in Waikiki

Accommodation in Waikiki

Do we know nothing about Honolulu? Explore the secret of peace and relaxation during your next holiday at our beach hotel Waikiki. Grab the next wave to Aloha Surf Waikiki. The accommodation in Honolulu depends on the wide range of visitors the city welcomes. "Aqua Ohia Waikiki Hotel's brand new location near Waikiki Beach brings you directly to the beach, shopping, restaurants and attractions in the heart of Waikiki.

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Where' s the best accommodation in Honolulu? So how long do you want to stay? Would you like a sea front look, between the buildings, on the mountains or the romance of a park? We were at Sheraton Waikiki in'05, Waikiki Circle in'07 &'08, Equus in'08 and Waikiki Parc in'10.

It is about 2 km from Hilton Hawaiian Village in the western part to Park Shore in the eastern part. Visit Google Maps & enter "Waikiki Beach" and you will see for yourself. Outrigger Waikiki Beaches, Moana Surfrider, Royal Hawaiian, Sheraton Waikiki Beaches are located in the immediate vicinity.

The rooms at Waikiki Circle Oceanfront are very inexpensive. In relation to a vehicle, please leave it for most of your stay, but seriously remember to rent one for at least a full working days and take a trip around the islands, taking the Windward Side (east), North Shore and Pali Hwy / viewpoint (centre).

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Have these answers been added to your mailing lists..... or have you removed something from your mailing lists? Things to consider in tax (2 shifts), maybe a resorts tax (taxed) and probably park (also taxed). Remember that you might get a beachside motel.... but no room on the sands. You can also get a motel that is not on the sea.... but has a beautiful view of the sea.

Also if you go to the Oahu Island forum - you will see that it contains all postings in the sub-foraora.

Accommodation in Honolulu

Accommodation in Honolulu depends on the broad spectrum of people who visit the town. Accommodation is available almost anywhere in the town, but the most favoured areas are Waikiki Beach and the downtown area. They are both close to sandy, sunny and the city's top tourist spots. In many ways Waikiki is a synonym for Honolulu.

Here you will find the Waikiki Beaches with Diamond Head in the back. It is a comfortable accommodation option because it offers some of the best dining and shops in town, not to speak of the beaches. This area is always full of activities, and many Honolulu visitors live here.

And if you are looking for sophisticated facilities such as spa and sea view, you'll find them here. The Downtown Honolulu is situated just south of Waikiki and is the commercial and commercial centre of the town. This area provides convenient tourist accessibility to many of the city's best shops, such as Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Honolulu city centre is a good place to visit if you are considering a tour. There is also simple accessibility to some of the most important historical sites such as the Iolani Palace and the Bishop's Museum. Most of these facilities provide essential facilities such as swimming pool and breakfasts. One could say that Kahala is the Beverly Hills of Honolulu.

It is one of the richest districts of the town and is home to the region's finest. Another advantage is that it is different from Honolulu and Waikiki, but both are easily accessible. Accommodation is aimed at the discerning customer with facilities such as sea front entrance, spa facilities and outstanding local restaurants.

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