Chuuk Island

Island Chuuk

Nearly two hundred and fifty of the islands are uninhabited. Chuuk, Truk Blue Lagoon Resort: This included local island food and fresh fish. Chuuk Island Micronesia Harbour Cruise Guide from Call Cruise Terminal Sightseeing Tours Transportation Shopping. Chuuk's main population centre is the Chuuk Lagoon, a large archipelago of mountainous islands surrounded by a series of islands on a barrier reef.

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The Chuuk Lagoon, formerly also called Truk Lagoon, is a protected lake in the Pacific Northwest. Approximately 1,800 kilometers northeast of New Guinea, it lies at 7 degree northern latitude and belongs to the state of Chuuk within the Federated States of Micronesia. It is a 225-kilometre shelter that surrounds a 2,130 sq. kilometre long marina.

The town of Weno on the island of Moen acts as the capitol of the Atolls and as the state capitol. With 13,700 inhabitants it is the biggest town of the FSM. In the Chuuk-speaking world, Chuuk means hill.

Until 1990 the Laguna was mainly known as Truk (a wrong pronunciation by Ruk[quote required]). of the Caroline people. This area is made up of eleven large islets ( "Truk Lagoon", the Tol, Udot, Fala-Beguets, Romanum and Eot of Faichuk Group, and Weno, Fefan, Dublon, Uman, Param and Tsis of Namoneas Group) and forty-six smaller ones within the area of the Laguna, plus forty-one on the fringe of corals, and is today known as the Chuuk Isles, part of the Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific.

Here is the following 2010 island-, village- and residentcount:: On the right, a traditional-clothed older Truk man. In 1899 the Caroline Isles were ousted to the German Reich after Spain retired from the Pacific after the Spanish-American War - 1943 off the Truk Ilands.

Truk Lagoon was the major stronghold of the Japan Empire in the South Pacific Theater during the Second World War. He was a strong foothold for Japan's operation against the Allies in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and served as the foremost anchoring place for the Imperial fleet of Japan. William A. Brown and the famous oceanograph Jacques Cousteau and his crew discovered the Truk Lagoon in 1969.

After Cousteau' s 1971 TV documentation about the Laguna and its spooky remnants, the place became a dive paradise, attracting divers from all over the globe to see the many practically untouched caves. These wrecks and remnants are sometimes called the " Truk Lagune Ghost Fleet ".

Spread mainly around the isles of Dublon, Eten, Fefan and Uman within the Truk Group, some of the wrecks are located in crystalline water less than fifteen m underneath. One of the most interesting is the shipwreck of the Shinohara I-169 U-boat, which was destroyed during the dive to escape the bombings.

Kimiuo Aisek, a Chuukese from Tonoas (Dublon), opened the first diving facility in Micronesia, Blue Lagoon Aisek. Aisek' s autobiography "Witness To War: Truk Lagoon's Master Diver Kimiuo Aisek" was awarded by Dianne M. Strong on November 13, 2013 for the fortyth time.

In 1998 Aisek acquired the former Truk Continental Hotel from Continental Airlines. Aisek, who worshipped the wreckage as tombs, was an early advocate of the preservation and the Truk Lagoon National Monument, established by the Truk District Legislature in 1972. Aisek, known as a shipwreck scout and diving tour leader, has been the host of many prominent people, among them Al Giddings and Chuck Nicklin, the marine photographer and wildlife expert Dr. Sylvia Earle, John Kennedy Jr,

Aisek was the first posthumous guest at the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame in Grand Cayman in 2009. It is situated next to the Truk Blue Lagoon Resort and Dive Shop and is the first of its kind in the state of Chuuk. This is Micronesia's largest artefact collections and contains an ethnographical exhibition of the Chuukes.

Phase 1, which runs from Chuuk International Airport through the city centre to Mwan Village and includes the roads to the finance centre, clinic, government centre and the planned College of Micronesia site, is scheduled for 2012. Currently, a trip from the Blue Lagoon resorts and diving shops to the beach can take up to 35 min, although the journey is less than 5 mile.

CHUUUK International Airports (IATA Airportcode TKK) is located on the administration island Moen. Telephony is restricted to Chuuk, although a mobile phone service will be set up within some isles of the Laguna and in the near distant isles. From May 2010, high-speed web connection via ADSL will be available on the island of Moen every month.

The tourist trade, especially snorkelling among the many wrecked areas of the Truk Laguna, is the island's major industrial sector, with on-board dive sites that are among the most favoured for seeing the hundred of wrecked areas in the flat water of the area. The majority of the people of the remote island only carry out activities of subsistence. 2.

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