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Cauai caught yellow fin tuna. Sweet soy. Pickled carrot and cucumber. The Hukilau Lanai Restaurant is located on the grounds of the beautiful Kauai Coast Resort and hosts one of the best restaurants on Kauai. Relax in spacious resort suites with private bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, living/dining areas, washing machines/dryers and private lanais.

Hukilau Lanai Happy Hour Tastings at the Kauai Message Board

I think it might be good to go to Princeville the first of the nights to see a sun set and make sure we had both. Since my presence the wine sampling meal has undergone some changes, is it profitable, depending on my own tastes?

I won't order it until this is out of the degustation dinner, BUT her seafood has always been incredibly good! Schedule one lesson for your dinner. It' doubtful you have enough timeto go north for sundown. But maybe. I was always looking forward to the wine sampling dinner.

I gave my bride the barbecue (2 kinds of prawns and fish) and I got the fillet. I gave my bride the barbecue (2 kinds of prawns and fish) and I got the fillet. Well, I wouldn't call the degustation dinner a" happily hour." WHEN you choose to brag on a good dish, HL would be the place to do it, but you might want to try the periodic dinner, which is not so restricting.

Lovin' the barbecue mix. Hukilau Lanai was our big evening on Kauai. Catch a Na Pali sundown on your first evening, maybe try to find a place in Hanalei or Princeville Center for Happy Hour or a fast lunch in the area, then drive to St. Regis or Hanalei Bay to find a viewpoint.

BKnox, you can see the Bali shark from the Princeville Tavern Restaurant and they have an awesome happily hours, but you'd have to stay until dawn to watch the views as the happily hours end there early. and sundown is after 7:15 but good one.

The Hukilau Lanai Restaurant on Kauai |

The Hukilau Lanai, a favourite place in the fashionable Kapaa, is known for its five-star cooking. A landmark of Hwaiian civilization. Featuring Hwaiian dining and drinking, living amusement and a magic gardens littered with palm trees. Downstairs is your tour to this astonishing outdoor dining area - one of the best Kauai out there.

It is open to the general public all year round and is a must for your next holiday on the isle. The Hukilau Lanai radiates the life of an isle. Featuring tropic surroundings, smooth pastel-coloured panels, a roomy cocktail lounge and colourful, fruitful drinks, the hotel turns your holiday on. Lobsters, sushi-thunfish, a selection of salad and some innovative twists to classical Hwaiian cuisine make it a jewel among the Kauai cuisine.

Some of the objectives for the eatery are to compost herbs, send cooking waste to a landlord and send tea leaves to another landlord, reuse vine caps for pots in the backyard and recycle plant oils into a landlord's biofuel well. You believe in giving something back to the rest of the planet - a philosophie that is a perfect fit for the cultural ethic of Hawaii.

It was opened in 2002 by Ron Miller, Bobby Krause, director Anical and Adam Phelps. For more than a century, this staff has not only cultivated a high class and original meal, but has also moved the heart of visitors and local people by giving something back to the land - in this case the Cauai.

There are four delicacies on the meal list, among them a changing choice of home-made crustaceans and shellfish. These include indigenous catch such as hebi, hehi, mahima, hehi, hahaiian snappers and many more. The Kauai mussels are obtained from the region and boiled in a bouillon of tomatoes with whites. Macaweli veal comes from cows that are lined with weed and can be found in a number of menus.

Included in the after-dinner meal are Hawaii' renowned sweets. Hawaii' gastronomy is so special and the Hukilau Lanai meal so varied that the cooks will take you on a "tour" of the islands' flavours. Try a wide range of exquisite menus with great combinations of wines for just $50.

Menus are available for $32, the degustation meal is available from 17.00 to 17.45, a reservation is necessary. Smaller servings of some of the favorite menus and new meals they are trying out are offered to them. Menus may contain Koloa Roman Islands gaspacho, ham, pork and mushrooms with sausages and craftcheese.

There will be a range of performances from Tuesday to Sunday at Wally's Lobby Bar from 6pm to 9pm, including classic guitars, gentle skirt jam, melodious Ukulelele, cheerful skirt and rolls and contemporary Hwaiian fusions. It is a venue for personal gatherings such as weddings and company outings.

Art, musical and municipal gatherings for the general public take place regularly in the restaurants. The Hukilau Lanai is open every day from 5 pm to 9 pm. Situated at the Kauai Coast Estate, the venue can be reached at (808) 822-0600. Waipouli Beach Resorts rental take you right to the centre of Hawaii's pristine scenery and delicious food.

For more information on how to spend your holiday of your dreams on Hawaii's Garden Island, please call (888) 822-2403.

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