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The cay, also called caye or key, is a small, shallow, sandy island on the surface of a coral reef. Caye! It was a...

Caye! Cay rum is truly an authentic Bahamian experience. This is Synovia Harding from Rum Cay Island. Here is a list of the many small Cays and islands that can be found in the Turks and Caicos.

What is the difference between an island and a Caye?

You didn't know it then, and you probably don't know now, but this bit of dark country wasn't really an island. He was a... Kaye! It' called''key'', and sometimes, according to where you are in the part of the globe, it''key'' is written, like in the Florida Keys, or''cay'', like the cay' that you find in the Bahamas.

Now, let's face it, Greenland is an island. Australasia is an island, an island of 7.6 million square kilometres, far away from the picturesque picture of heaven that you painted as child. But" size" is not so much what differentiates between island and caaye, but rather formations, make-up andvation.

The island is any type of landmass entirely enclosed by sea. There are two major island species, either volcanogenic or part of a continuous tectonic slab that floats on the Earth's orbit. Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines are typical example of vulcanically shaped islets. Both Greenland and Australia are continentally.

On the other hand, Calayes are sand, low-lying isles, which develop on top of hard corals. Our trusted wiki researchers say that the formation of calayes occurs when various "ocean streams carry free sediments over the top of a reef". Sediments forming the calaye consist of vegetable and faunal skeleton debris removed from the nearby marine eco-systems.

It will help you understand how coco palms can flourish on a caaye and finally appear in your early years. As they are brittle and unbelievably susceptible to the elements, the inhabitants usually construct lake ramparts to prevent their clay from eroding. So, if you ever asked yourself why, or were frustrated that a place like Caulker has no straight beaches, think again, you are on it.

So, the next portrayal of a paradisiacal island, you wonder if it's an island or a canoe?

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