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Kiribati Republic of Fanning Island. You will find the perfect fan combination photo. Instagram photos cannot be displayed. The T HE GROUP of coral formations in the Central Pacific, known as Fanning. It' Fanning Island, Line Island's picture:


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There are 33 deep islets in Kiribati, divided into three groups: the Gilberts, the Phoenix and the Line Isles. The majority of the island' s inhabitants are of Micronese descent, but the land is linked to Australia by trade and uses the Australian dollar as its main source of income. The attractiveness of Fanning Island is that it is so isolated, has very few visitors, mostly a few sailing boats, and is largely untouched.

On our way to Samoa we stayed four nights in Fanning Island and had a wonderful stay. There is no airport and few amenities on the island. It' so isolated, a supplieship only comes about every three heaps. Much of the population of Fanning Island has recently migrated from other full island areas.

All over Kiribati the populace is increasing rapidly: there is a shortage of country, children are abundant. I' m thinking of Fanning Island as the "island of babies", pups, cats, pigs and chickens were walking around, but we only saw a few over 50. We were very nervous after more than 3 week at sea to go to Fanning Island, known as Tabuaeran.

Norwegian Lines began its journey from Hawaii to Fanning two years ago, carrying 2000 people to the island for several inches. needles to say that it is an interesting mixture of contemporary (temporary) amenities designed for casual cruisers in sharp opposition to the remainder of island living.

To learn more about Kiribati, visit Pacific Island Travel or Lonely Planet. The trade winds, which were normally steady, were mild in the first few sunny and even the locals were warm, I think I was swimming more than ever on Fanning Island! Johnny's Store is one of the few shops on the island where you can buy cards, mail, milk, spamming and many other treats.

Chuck, an ex-pat on the island, took us on a shrimp hunt on the other side of the island. We' re in the middle of the woods chasing crabs. It was a look into the jungles where we hunted crabs. I on the shore in paradise :).

This is a traditional Fanning Island home - a few metres above the floor without a wall, so the breeze can go through and keep things aloof. Children of the island play a match along the street. Luckily we saw the Moamoa, which only comes to the island 3-4 a year.

When it sailed, the boat fell into this shore and the whole island was watching it come loose. Palms on the shore. Picknick table for cruisers who come to the island a few days a week for a few hour. Fanning has tonnes of pets - most homes have hens, bitches, dogs, cat, hens and cows.

Palms surround this wonderful piece of sands. Forward to the photos of Samoa-America. Return to the photos of the Pacific Ocean.

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