Best Greek Islands for Couples

The best Greek islands for couples

These are the best Greek islands for couples recommended by a local. Our first choice is the classic and famous Santorini. A guide to the best beaches of Greece, in many places and on Greek islands: Locate hotels in Greek Islands, Greece. Santorini produces the best wines of Greece.

~Santorini ~>

It is one of the most beautiful and romantically beautiful places in the whole wide globe and an excellent place for an unforgetable vacation. A stunning volcano that makes it difficult not to fell in flames once you get off the airplane, Santorini is home to literally a hundred idyllic designer properties that offer you the ultimate in privacy and luxury.

Walk through these small streets and savour the typical towns of Fira and Oia. Santorini offers a wealth of possibilities, such as a swim in the ocean on one of the many scenic shores (e.g. the Crimson Beach) or a relaxing luxury yacht charter around the islands.

Or, just go to Imerovigli - the ideal place to see the sunset over the sea before you sit down for supper. Well-known as the power station of travel, it was the first place to serve tourists in a professional manner, and to this date it is known as the best organized Greek tourist destination for vacationers to do with a wide range of things for travelers.

About 70 kilometers southwards of Chania there is the pictorial town Loutro. It is the ideal place for a refreshing meal of seafood in one of the tavernas, followed by an evenings by candlelight on the beaches, which admires the star. You have over 100 clubs and some of Europe's most famous artists come here every year.

Wherever you choose to go to Crete, there will be something for both of you. It has a fairly low airfoil with a variety of restaurants, tavernas, hotels and a variety of pubs along the sandbeach. Rhodes is one of the major tourist destinations, where you can see the mediaeval fortress with connections to the renowned Johanniter: it is considered one of the best conserved in Europe.

Farther northern of the isle lies the club capitol Faliraki with a stripe full of pubs and nightclubs almost as long as the shore. You will certainly have a good quality stay here with its small quaint towns on the edge of the archipelago, delicious food and the powerful Venice influences. Though Crete has a lot to do, it is more relaxing and peaceful than other Greek islands, which makes it ideal if it's a bad weekend on the beaches you're after.

Afterwards you can enjoy dancing in the vibrant pubs and join in with other holidaymakers and local people. There are a lot of businesses and businesses for those of you who cannot go a whole weekend without a little grocery. They offer high class and classic Greek produce and stylish outfits. Situated to the southern part of Kefalonia, Zakynthos is renowned for its crystalline sandy beach and intensive nocturnal life, making it a popular place for the younger population.

You will be spoiled for choices with favourite Vassilikos, Gerakas and Spanzia beach, full of gold sandy beach and hot sands. And don't miss to look out for marine tortoises that nest on the many shores thanks to the smooth sandy beach and clear waters.

You will find several convents spread all over the isle. After sunset, it is high season to taste some of the many places on the islands where you can find wine and mezzos. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to have a wonderful and unforgettable vacation in Greece.

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