Born as Mathira Mohammad, Mathira is a Pakistani model, dancer, TV hostess, singer and actress. Newest tweets from Mothira (@IamMathira). Snapchat - mathiraofficial-Instagram- real_mathira. planet earth. She was Nikahfiziert yesterday with Mirwaise.

The actress Mathira First Time With Her Husband Farran J Mirza in Eid Show, Must Watch.

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Mohammad is a Moroccan fashion designer, dance, TV presenter, vocalist and actress[3] She has presented several TV shows and has performed in musical video. Matthira was borne in a Moslem household in Harare, Zimbabwe, by an Indian native Africa and Pakistan. Your Sr. Rose Muhammad is also a Moroccan actor.

At the age of 13, her whole familiy relocated to Pakistan[1] She made her musical debuts in Jadugar, Desi Beat and Nachdi Kamaal Billo von Malkoo and Woh Kaun Thi von Rizwan-ul-Haq. Later, in late 2013, she was featured in her new Jhoota with the young rappers Arbaz Khan, which was published on December 31, 2013.

Mathieu divides Instagram with her spouse after separation - Gemini

Only a few day after blowing up the press for her division, TV presenter and actress Mathira left and affirmed the same in a number of Instagram post. A Punjabi vocalist named Flint J was Mathira's wife in a Pakistan celebration in 2013. Mathira indicated last weeks when she talked to Images that her wedding was in difficulties, but advocated the idea of intimacy and said she was appalled that TV stations and on-line publishing claimed that she had talked to them about her social background.

We were amazed to find a series of instagram postings in which she announced her decision to get divorced and expressed both her affection for her ex-hubs and her regrets about her family. To her former husbands Flint J she wrote: "I tried to keep this union, I tried my best to keep it!

So, yes, the diorce is over, the hell I'm going through, only I know it and I don't need anyone to know it! Yes, even if you don't like me..." You have a good loving wife and a good time. Last publicized I LAOVE YOU ME AND AHIL WONT EVER come back in your lifetime ROCK STAR YOU HAVE EVERYTHING you want!

You' re saying I've been a bad patch of your whole existence, okay? "I have a lifeline to my boy, and that's all! l don't believe the words it is! Happy birthday for your Freedom Flint J singles live in real time! "In her third and last contribution, posted less than 24hrs ago, she concludes: "You are a foreigner who knows me, a multitude of me, you are a foreigner whom I will always adore, but will never come back in your world!

Final state for your romance! "Mathira's ex-husband Flint J reacted quickly to the star's Insta position. Sharing a self-esteem, he wrote: "And this was my own personal statement from my ex-wife Mathira: Congratulation to liberty and singles life". Luckily, I don't believe in capturing someone in an emotive pigeonhole by posting things on soft copy only for my benefit, nor do I try to attract any indirect liking or attention," he added, "I've got tonnes of news asking me the reasons for my diorce with Mathira, and not one individual can say that I have been sharing any kind of information with them.

I still have a private sphere, at least with me.

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