Vatoa Island

Island Vatoa

Fiji ke ekke island hae jisme James Cook gais rahaa. The island of Vatoa Island is located in Fiji. [Pacific Islands], R.H. Wyman Commo.

Forecast for the island of Vatoa (Fiji). This forecast shows the local time for Vatoa Island.


Vatoa, Fiji ke Lau Group ke ek island hae. Iceke Turtle Island ke naam se bh yesana yaawe hae. Vatoa, Fiji ke ecke island hae yousme James Cook gai's racaw. Ou ii Island ke July 2, 1774 ke dechis au dirusra tin, Sunday July 3, ke uu u our kitchen staff island pe gain.

The island has an area of 4,45 kmĀ² and is surrounded by 50 meters of forest.

and Vatoa suffers from $50,000 worth of damage.

It is estimated that the US Treasury will pay more than $50,000 for damages to Vatoa Island's infrastructures alone. The current Divisonal Design Office Eliki Masa acknowledged that two homes were completely demolished, while five were partly demolished during the island's cycle. Vatoa Village's Cama Rasolo, 82, said Hurricane Ula hit early in the mornings.

"I was with my missus early in the mornings at 5 a.m. when we felt heavy wind and heavy rains. Fortunately, my missus went to Mass before me because the next blast of wind caused my whole home to collapse," he said. Said they live in the town with their boy now.

It was a great Sunday breakfast for the Vatoa village people when the evaluation crew of the Ula clan, consisting of government and departmental officers, came in with meals and clothing. DPO Masa said that the ration of foods that would be given to the family could last a whole months.

He said, however, that they could not give any further detail of their views, as the Civil Protection Council, under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, will meet this Friday and will take its decision on the basis of this progress review. The two main themes that affected the towns after the hurricane were sea and navigation.

Both of the kids are still on the island. There Rositalei said they were going on holiday and were to go back to Suva two week ago, but there was no one there.

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