Molokai Town

The Molokai City

This city is home to the Big Wind Kite Factory, I was in a modern ghost town. Guidebook to the best sights in Molokai, selected by our travel experts. Gabbard is afraid of her voters at her meeting at Maui City Hall? Wyoming's only city, three blocks long Kaunakakakakai, would be at home on a side street. A few miles from the capital Kaunakakakakai is Molokai Plumerias Farm.

aunaloa: Maunaloa: City of ghosts

There was a spook town on the Isle, but nobody gave me specifics, so I envisioned the Wild West. All right, maybe it wasn't that hard, but it was strange. I' ve been to a city of ghosts. In Maunaloa were the only luxurious accommodation of Molokai, where there was a petrol pump and the only movie theater on the whole isle.

The Molokai Ranch, which belongs to a kiwi firm, wanted to go ahead with its growth, as I said in my last article, but the municipality was worried that their intentions were too aggressively and asked them to concentrate on the area. It wasn't in the Molokai Ranch's itinerary. The situation came to a crisis in 2008 and the two groups could not reach an amicable settlement, so that the MolokaƬ Ranch was closed down and left the isle.

It was the biggest place to work on the isle with 120 people. Revealing: I was a visitor of Moloka'i Visitor's Office, but all views stay my own. Nobody asked me to do a positive feedback or to unsaturate the pictures in this article.

Isle Info

There' s no grocery store, no street light and no skyscraper, but you will find beautiful resort that meet your need for intimacy. The Molokai is a tranquil place where you can unwind on a beach that you can use on your own. Explore coastal cities, lonely bays, old Hawaiian fish ponds and other historic sites along the Eastern Avenue.

Along the almost impenetrable and breathtaking northern coastline of Molokai you will find steep rocks, concealed dales and falls that plunge into the sea for you. It' s so remote that you can only get there by chopper, sea canoe, or boot, which takes you to the seldom frequented sands. With very few establishments on the islands, they are ideal for those who want to get away from the crowd.

Playing a game of golf, snorkelling, taking the renowned morning ride or simply exploring this historic isle.

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