First place on Earth to see the Sunrise

The first place on Earth to see the sunrise.

The first country to see the sun on Christmas morning is New Zealand. See Sunrise (disambiguation) for other applications. Don't confuse it with Sunset or Dawn. Sunrise over the Mojave Desert. The Observatory said it would see the first sunrise in India at the turn of the millennium, RediffOnTheNet reported.


The climax of a journey to Samoa was always the chance for the visitor to stay on a cliff at Cape Mulinu'u, the most western point of the world, and - with the International Date Line only 20 leagues away - to look to the future. Currently Samoa is 23hrs behind New Zealand and 21hrs behind East Australia.

In addition to the introduction of a major break in the already ragged International Date Line, the move will divide Samoa from its closest neighbor, American Samoa, a US state. Andrew Titia, a souvenir shop manager, explained to the New Zealand Herald: "That Samoa is the last place on Earth that sees the tan every single working days is a great spot for our customers and I am very proud to say it.

Now that almost as many Samoans live in Australia and New Zealand as the 180,000 who stay on the island, Mr Tuilaepa has chosen to withdraw. Samoa made the transition to US Independence Days in 1892 - and celebrated July 4 twice. The Samoans are losing one of their days and glide from 29 December to 31 December.

"We lose two working nights a week in our New Zealand and Australian deal. "The Prime Minister has his own plan to boost the tourist industry: once the changes come into effect, Samoan islanders will be able to see the same Samoan island twice a full working afternoon by taking a flight between Samoa and American Samoa, just an hours apart.

"One can have two birthday, two marriages and two marriagedays on the same day - on different dates.... without ever abandoning the Samoan chain," said Mr Tuilaepa.

What country has the first sunrise in the run?

It' s very hard and bewildering to know which land has the first sunrise because the earth always revolves around the sund. The earth rotates around the star around the earth every evening. It is the first sunrise place in the whole wide globe, dependent on the global timing standard.

Nearly all of them are globular and the Earth is one of them that gave rise to the beasts. Except for the Earth, all continents have no habitat for man, animal or plant life. It has a diametre 110x that of the Earth. They are waiting for first place to see the sunrise, to welcome particular occasions.

Every day the earth turns in a new way and the star does not have the solid land to ascend, but it looks like it comes from the east and New Zealand comes first on the chart on the east side of the globe. There are those who say Japan has the first sunrise in the underworld. Q: Which state has the first sunrise in the apogee?

New Zealand is the only land in the worid after the standard of times and Greenwich, the Royal Observatory in London, where the rising star is first. This is the most eastern land in the whole wide globe and ranks first in the field of lighting to begin a new one.

The East Cape in North Island in New Zealand is the easternmost place where the rising sundown first. Mt. Hikurangi on the North Island is one of the highest peaks which, due to its altitude and position near the Eastern Cape, bears the name of the first sunrise in the atlas.

At some point in the future, there are many other places in the east that could get the first place at sunrise than Mount Hikurangi, because the earth turns all the while. However, New Zealand's Ministry of Nature has proven and acknowledged that it is the only land where the solar system is the first to rise in the worid.

On New Year's it' still the best place to be.

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