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Trip Advisor is the information source for Society Islands. Tahiti, the largest island in the Society Islands group, is also the most developed. The Tahiti Travel Connections information about one of the most important islands of French Polynesia; the Society Islands and the most important sights for your own holiday. This is a collection of travel guides to the Society Islands of French Polynesia.

Individual traveller, for the first time in this part of the world, three weeks for exploring the Society Islands.

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The Society Islands are central to the archipelago collections of France -Polynesia and form the basis for the regional city. There are two districts: the Windward Islands to the west and the Leeward Islands to the south. Tahiti is the gate to the area, the biggest and most populated of these islands with the Papeete City' s internation port and over half of the French-Polynesian people.

There are two mountains of volcanoes, most of which are surrounded by luxuriant rain forests and luxuriant sand and sea corals in the afterlife. The Bora Bora is part of the Leeward Islands, a well-known tourist resort with astonishingly beautiful tropics and a scenic lake that encircles the two crests.

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This is the most frequented arcipelago of the Polynesian islands, the Society Islands, half way between Australia and California in the South Pacific. There are two groups of islands: the islands under the wind, which includes the biggest isle of the islands, Tahiti, and the group under the wind, which is home to the beloved Bora Bora Bora holiday isle.

Populated by Polynesian sailors in the 16th and 18th centuries, the Society Islands have been attracting tourists since the first landing of the British discoverer Captain James Cook on the banks of Tahiti in 1769. In 1935, the movie classics "Mutiny on the Bounty" and its 1962 re-make cement the islands as the epitome of vacation.

Shaped by volcanos aeons ago, the Society Islands are steep mountains, shrouded in luxuriant jungles and encircled by crystal clear sandy shores and blue waters of blue waters. Societal Islands include Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha'a, Tahiti and Tetiaroa. For more information about the different islands and their beautiful sandy beach, please see our page Polynesia-Sea in France here.

Read our Society Islands travel guides to help you schedule your next journey to this fantastic seaside town. On the Society Islands, January is marked by substantially stable maximum daytemperatures with peak daytemperatures around 87°F throughout the whole months, seldom above 89°F or falling below 83°F.

Most islands have an airport. Passengers are exclusively liable for the procurement and transport of the proper travel document, which includes a current pass, visa (if applicable), adequate means for the duration of the visit and health information (if applicable). Ensure that your card is in force beyond your travel date for the period necessary.

Therefore, it is a good general principle that your pass is 6 month after your date of travel from the islands. These are the Society Islands airports: You don't need a vehicle if you are planning day trips on a tour or don't want to depart your holiday area.

When you want to discover, get your grocery in the grocery store, go to the souvenir shops, hire a cheap restaurant, at least for a few day. When you want to be independent and have supper outside your resorts most of the night, hire a vehicle for your whole time.

One of the cheapest ways to see several islands is the Air Tahiti Passport. The passports link islands of the same or two different archipelagoes, while additions to the far-flung Marquesas and Australian Islands can be added to the other passports. If you buy a passport, you must finish your trip within 28 working nights and only pay one trip to each of the islands; however, not all islands need to be paid a full one.

Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurants does everything right. This is all offered in a wonderful landscape of lagoons with exotic islands. Further information is available by calling 689 40 67 60 47 or on the Internet at Bora Bora Yacht Club. Every night (except Sundays) the fishing of the Bora Bora fishers is shown on the icy shore, where after an announcement of exactly what is available on your special night.

More information is available by calling 689 40 67 72 86 or on the Internet at Bloody Mary's Bar & Restauran. The airy open-air gastronomic venue offers an irresistible eating outing. A further highlight is the beautiful location with a pleasant view of the sea and the sea. Call 689 40 67 79 09 or Facebook at La Matira Restaurant for more information.

It is 1 min walking distance from the sea. Exclusively for guest use, this luxurious seaside hotel has accommodation right on the Matira Point beaches. InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora offers visitors a great variety of aquatic sport such as snorkelling and canoeing.

The Noa Noa Terrace Restaurant offers interior and exterior seating, buffets and a selection from the cuisine. The Vini Vini Bar & Restaurant, by the swimming poolside, overlooking the beaches and lagoons. All bungalows are air-conditioned and have a sleeping couch, TV, video, DVD players and tea/coffee making equipment. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort.

Four Seasons Bora Bora Bora Bora offers luxury seaside cottages and mansions on Mt. Otemanu. There is an inflinity swimming pool, an indoor swimming area, a free snorkelling and a free snorkelling tour of the protected area, which is home to many of the most spectacular sea creatures.

Watch the sunset over the lake in the Sunset Bar & Lounge, which brings the rest of the year to a close. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out Four Seasons Resosrt Bora Bora Bora. Situated on the Bora Bora Bora Bora Islands, the St Regis Resort beach front has 2 indoor and outdoor swimminpools, 2 outdoor pubs, 4 outdoor dining areas and a luxury outdoor area.

Accommodation has a terrace with a view of the lake or the islands. Floating above the water, Le LaGoon Restaurant provides Polish cooking and a view of Mount Otemanu. Te pahu is serving Mediterranean grill food and take restaurant is serving delicious soup, sea food and saké. Snorkelling and wind surfing gear, sunshades and cabins are available free of charge.

To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out the St. Regis Bora Bora Resort. Chez Tara, one of Huahine's surprise pearls, is the best place on the islands to taste traditional Tibetan cuisine. It' in a great spot, right on the water. Call 689 40 68 78 78 45 45 or Facebook at Chez Tara for more information.

Superbly placed right on the edge of the lake, this vibrant little waterhole is a popular spot and the best place to dine around Fare. Call 689 40 68 70 81 for more information or check out the TripAdvisor at the Huahine Yacht Club. The Relais is on a sandy seashore with a reef wall next to the hotel's own barge.

There is an open-air bath. There are free amenities on the beaches such as kayak, paddling and snorkelling. You can book your tour and hire a vehicle directly in the hotel foyer, where you can dine outdoors with breathtaking sea vistas and enjoy Tahiti and European food. The Avea Bar has a selection of freshly prepared drinks.

To find out more, prices or to book your room, please go to Relais Mahana. Hotel Maitai Lapita Village is surrounded by a wonderful sandy beaches, surrounded by lush greenery, and has a large private garden, as well as a large indoor heated area. The Omai Restuarant provides French and regional food with a view over the Swimmingpool. The Oaoa Bars, located between the garden and the sea, offer a cocktail, beer or a cup of toast.

To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out Maitai Lapita Village Huahine. The Hotel Royal Huahine is only reachable by ferry and has a swimming area, a swimming bath, a restauran and a pub. A number of cabins are above the sea with a large sun deck and immediate entrance to the camp. Everywhere on the sea are cottages overlooking Rai'atea, the Taha'a Islands and stunning sundowns.

The free of charge acitivities are snorkelling, kayak, canoeing, ping-pong, volley-ball and culture there. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out the Royal Huahine Hotel. "is one of the best places to eat on the whole isle." From here you have a wonderful view of Cook's Bay and Shark's Toothnberg.

Call 689 87 79 79 79 29 98 for more information, or go to the Te Honu Iti restaurants on Facebook. An unexpectedly trendy place in a home made of red timber, opened in 2015, specialising in a la planecha style of cuisine. Call 689 40 56 35 00 or go to Le Lézard Jaune Café on Facebook for more information.

Don't miss it - it's a pure wheat Adobe-style edifice on the hillside of the Pearl Resort's highway. We offer free of charge airport transfer. Call 689 40 56 58 00 or go to Rudy's for more information. It is 4 minutes walking distance from the sea.

Situated on a scenic sandy shore, Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Strand offers stunning vistas of the Tahitian island's crystalline lagoon as well as its icons. Stylish chalets overlooking the sea or the gardens. There is an open-air bath and 2 eateries. In the K you can enjoy an impressive blend of regional flavours and a rich tradition of France cooking.

An unadulterated dining room with breathtaking view and a rich shellfish meal. There is a pool lounge and beachside lounge offering an ideal backdrop for a drinks. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out the Sofitel Moorea la Ora Strand Spa. It is 6 minutes walking distance from the sea. A luxurious bungalow in the midst of tropical flora or a blue Laguna.

There is a gym, 3 pubs, 3 diners and a gym at the guests' disposal. Wi-Fi free at the Eimeo and Arii Vahine Pub. There are a number of soothing massage and aesthetic treatment options at the daily spas. The Laguna Restaurante with panorama view of the sea offers a choice of regional and internation specialities.

At the Eimeo or at the Swim-up Lake bars, our customers can relax and have cocktails. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out Hilton Moorea Lagoon Spa & Estate. It is 1 min walking distance from the sea. Situated between the hills and a lake, this 5-star holiday village offers a selection of surface bungalow with immediate acces to the lake or bungalow encircled by poolside garden.

The InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa has 2 diners and an inflinity swimming pools with swim-up area. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please contact InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa. More information is available on the Internet at Le Napoli. 1 km from the Uturoa International Park and 4 km from the Uturoa International Park, on the Apooiti Marina grounds, Carole and Pascal welcome you to this extraordinary, quiet and breezy place on the camp.

More information is available by calling 689 40 66 12 97 or on the Internet in the La Voile d'Or à Raiatea - Apooiti restaurants. Everything in a relaxing ambience with a swimmingpool and the sea as the only sight. Situated on the seafront, the excellent dining experience.

More information is available by calling 689 40 60 05 05 10 or on the Internet at the Opoa Beach Restaurant. The Opoa Beach Hotel is 10 minutes by car from Marae Taputapuatea and 20 minutes by car from Faaroa Beach, Polynesia's shallowest coves. This luxury lodging features stunning lake and cliff view, outside swimming pools, free local car park and free Wi-Fi in highways.

Tourdesk personnel can help organize daily trips to Tahaa Island. Hotel Opoa Beach offers a range of recreational opportunities, which include canoeing, snorkeling and angling. With a view of the ocean, the on-site eatery offers refreshingly home-cooked food. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out the Opoa Beach Hotel.

It is 5 min walking distance from the sea. The Hôtel Raiatea Lodge provides air-conditioned rooms, each with a large patio with a view of the lake. Barbecue facilities and restaurants overlook the large outdoor pools and serve Tahiti and world cuisines. Miri is only 10 min. away by kayak and canoeing can be organized.

We serve exquisite meals cooked with the freshest and most importantly domestic products. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out Hotel Raiatea Lodge. Situated on a quiet sandy secluded spot, the Atiapiti Hotel features a bungalow and mansion with free Wi-Fi and en-suite terrace overlooking the sea or green.

There is a barbecue area overlooking the lake, a free snorkelling and angling gear and a separate barbecue. It serves Polish and Bulgarian dishes and specialises in shellfish. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please contact the Hôtel Atiapiti. Beachcomber Café Restuarant provides an extraordinary view of the lake and the sea, whether you are dining inside or on the water.

Call 689 40 866 300 300 or go online at the Brando Spa for more information. Like the Au-Ieong chef's trips around the globe, the restaurant offers a selection of seasonal produce from the resort's own vegetable-growing area. Spending quality much of his spare minute at the resorts, he trained The Brando cooks professionally on every kind of vegetarian offer.

You can get the vegetarian meal in the Les Mutinés by Guy Martin and the Beachcomber Café and for dinner in your room. Call 689 40 866 300 300 or go online at the Brando Resort for more information. You' ll really know you' re in the South Seas when you dine in this open-air diner.

There is a soft breeze and the view - over the lake and to the above-water bungalow - is amazing. There are some new treats on old favourites on the islands, such as the aperitif of Mahhi Mahis accompanied by fresh potatoes and sweet pasta slices, and the principal dish of filet of filet of lamb cooked on a sheet of tea (taro leaves) with Marquesas Islands honeys and gingers.

Further information is available by calling 689 40 50 84 45 or on the Internet at Restaurant Poreho. Brando is a one-of-a-kind luxurious spa on the breathtaking Tetiaroa Atlas in French Polynesia. Situated on one of twelve small islands (motus) that encircle a three miles long magnificent lake.

Accessing the Atlas by a 20-minute one-way from Tahiti, the all-inclusive resorts offer 35 remote mansions with enchanting swimming pools on gorgeous sandy shores visited by marine tortoises and tropical birdlife. In Polynesia look, this Polynesia styled residence boasts two polynesia styled dining areas, east-west dining and classical Franco cooking; a luxury spas and health and beauty centre with several mansions for massages and treatments around a quiet lilies lake; a biological gardens where fruit and veggies are cultivated for the resort's restaurant; a lakeside café in the baldachin of the palms; a seaside restaurant near a large inflinity swimmingpool; a nearby racecourse; golf course, sauna; a sauna; a library and a culture centre; boutique shops; and an eco-focus inground.

Every mansion has a bike for each visitor to discover the trails around the islands or have a picknick on a favourite one. Visitors can snorkell or scuba diving with some of the world' s best snorkelling, sailing in the lake, paddling to a nearby isle, kayaking over some of the world' s largest reefs, exploring long beaches, enjoying a nautical, birdwatching, cultural or unaccompanied tour, or just spending a relaxing days in the spas and wellnesscenter.

To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out The Brando. Call 689 40 57 77 77 83 for more information or go to TripAdvisor in La Plage de Maui. Featuring original flavours of France, the Voyages & Inspiration Menu contains Spanish, Portuguese and Italian dishes from Europe, and the China & Asia Menu offers colourful dishes made in Pacific Rim fashions.

Further information is available by calling 689 40 58 21 08 or on the Internet at Le Coco's. Its ambience is very romantically and has the feeling of an upper class hospital. You can obtain further information by calling 689 40 45 29 76 or on the Internet at L'O a La Bouche.

The InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spas is the ideal base for your holiday in Polynesia. A relaxing area with a Turkish baths and a gym with a view of the lagoons are at your disposal in our deep natural health resort by Algotherm.

Le Lotus, the hotel's surface canteen, is situated near the sandy bottom and provides a wonderful view of Moorea. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please contact InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa. Situated directly on the shore, Manava Tahiti provides luxury lodging 10 min by car from Faaa airport.

There is a gym and an endless indoor and outdoor swimminpool overlooking the lake. The Manea Spa provides a variety of traditional'Taurumi' facials and facials. The Vaitohi Restaurant serves an ample a la côte de la Carte with polynese and foreign dishes and is open daily until lunch. At the Taapuna poolside bar or the modern Punavai lounge bar, our customers can indulge in beverages.

To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out Manava Suite Resort Tahiti. It is 1 min walking distance from the sea. The Tahiti Pearl Resort is surrounded by lush greenery, a wonderful sandy shore, an inflinity swimmingpool, a daily spas and a healthcare area. Featuring massage, physical therapy and a whirlpool.

This gym offers breathtaking sea-view. The Hiti Mahana water front offers a mixture of Tahitian, South East Asian and Mediterranean cuisin. At the Bay Bar our visitors can savour exotic drinks and a view of Matavai Bay. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out the Tahiti Pearl Beach Resort. Everybody is recommending this place right on Haamene Bay, not only for its beautiful view, but also for its tasty food.

There are many different types of sea food, home-grown fruit and vegetable and tasty Dutch cakes. Call 689 40 65 70 85 for more information, or go to the Tahaa Maitai Restaurant on Facebook. You can obtain further information by calling 689 87 73 57 11 or on the Internet at Ma'a Viti Pizza.

Call 689 87 34 98 38 or TripAdvisor at Le Ficus for more information. At Motu Tautau, Le Taha'a Island Resort & Spa comprises 3 diners, 2 pubs, a indoor and outdoor pools and a gym. There is a terrace or terrace overlooking the sea, the sea or the mountains.

It offers frequent liveconversation and dinner in a typical style of buffets. Tourdesk offers bookings for plantations, islands and snorkelling outings. To find out more, prices or to book your room, please check out Le Taha'a Iceland Spa & Spa. Our clients are able to savour our own in-house pub and our own fish specialising in shellfish and fish.

To find out more, prices or to book your room, please contact Pension Hibiscus Tahaa. Catch a gorgeous view of the Bora Bora Laguna and Bora reef in a small group with Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery. Snorkelling is a great way to see the sea just below the world' s most spectacular lake!

Call 689 87 76 43 43 for more information or go to Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery. Further information is available by calling 689 87 77 77 09 71 or on the Internet at Moorea Activities Center. This is the best way to explore Moorea and it is an experience that the whole familiy will be able to experience in complete safety.

Call 689 40 56 16 60 for more information or go to ATV Moorea Tours. Capt. Taina Bottom Moorea Captain Taina, a committed Moorea resident, greets you on board the only glassbottom vessel on the western shore of our lovely isle! More information is available by calling 689 87 79 79 65 50 or on the Internet at Captain Taina.

More information is available by calling 689 87 22 66 66 06 or on the Internet at Tahiti Paradise. Further information is available by calling 689 87 76 40 40 28 or on the Internet at Francky Franck Moorea Tours. You' ll be sharing your indigenous know-how and taking an unforgettable trip through the "most beautyful lake in the world".

Further information is available by calling 689 87 75 69 57 or on the Internet at Lagoon Service Bora Bora Bora.

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