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Osterinsel Location

Concealed treasures of Easter Island Hang ga Kio'e/Ahu Akapu - The lonely peat bogs of Akapu in 1972 were renovated on the northern side of the Tahai area. Hangga Piko/Ahu Riata - The island's major port and site of the last restorated hu, in 1999, Ahu Riata. 3. Vaitea Fundo - The remains of Williamson Balfour Sheep Ranch, which has rented most of the island for over 60 years.

One of the biggest and most spectacular huts on the island, near the port of Hanga Ho'onu. Hanga Te Tenga - The site of the biggest mai that reached its mai, the mai of Hanga Te Tenga, crashed headfirst during construction.

Te?e - A small port and site for the reconstruction of a large raapanui village and home to a large hu with eight crumbled mai that have been seated since they fell centuries ago. The astronomic role of Urenga - Huri a Urenga - Huri a Urenga is directed towards both the rise of the Matariki (Pleiades) constellation and the rise of the Mt.

Like Ahu Huri a Urenga near by, Ahu Akava has an astronomic role, which faces both the sinking point of the Matariki (Pleiades) constellation and the sinking point of the equinox towards the midsummer. It is also one of a kind because it has one larger than the other one.

Awesome location - Review O'tai Hotel, Easter Island, Chile

There was a chauffeur who waited for me at the airfield when I got there and even gave me a Lei flowers. Sitting on the outside decking when I wanted the open skies and the views. I had a room with a garden and a swimmingpool view. Since it was summer it was not overcrowded and I used the swimming pools every night (4 days stay) after the tour and before supper.

Our garden is nice and well-kept! The pool was invigorating. Situated in the only city on the island. A very enjoyable evening meal at Au Bout du Monde. The location for hiking and watching the sun set over the only moai within easy reach of the city is also great. According to a past summary reporting, I just used the free Wi-Fi outside the postal service across the road to verify email and meteorological forums.

Checking out was easy - as indicated and no value added tax. You asked me when I want the shuttle to the airfield and we arranged 2 hrs before the plane ride. While I was walking around taking my last pictures, they kept my baggage, and then I was sitting by the swimming pools eating the luncheon I had for you.

Transfers (the same kind young man) came on schedule - with the air conditioning on. Especially enjoys the swimming pools views if you want to use them.

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