Treat yourself to the ultimate relaxation and enjoy the sun on picturesque beaches with Exuma holidays. Search Virgin Holidays' Exuma packages for a piece of paradise. The Cays and Great Exuma share a wide choice of resorts and hotels, ranging from luxurious amenities to simple fishing huts. Sail to discover the untouched natural beauty of the Exumas. You can follow our recommended route and enjoy island hopping between the Exuma Cays.

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You might find Exuma feels intimate when you're a 007 enthusiast - it's in three of the movies with our favorite mystery-man. The Exuma Vacation leads you into a relaxed way of life with beautiful sandy beach, clear waters and rums that will blow your mind. Not an isolated isle, Exuma is a string of over 360 small points of central Caribbean country, most of which are private property.

Its largest is Great Exuma, which is only 37 nautical mile long and is connected to its neighbor Little Exuma by a viaduct. It' beautiful, it' beautiful and it' all included. The Exuma All-Inclusive holiday is specially tailored to your needs, from the time you get up to the minute you get into your luxurious king-size cot at the end of another fabulous holiday.

The top of this small string of islands is the fantastic Sandals Emerald Bay Gulf, Tennis and Spa Resort. It is much smaller than the standard Carribean resort, with only 249 rooms and suits. The Exuma Vacations are engineered to make you decelerate, chill and chill. When you want to go golfing, horse backpacking or scuba dive in clear waters, you can.

Angling - this part of the Caribbean is known for its big-boardfishing, so whether you are a normal tobogganist or throw a lure into the sea for the first one, this is definitely the place to lure your hooks. Floating hogs - maybe you have seen them on the advertisements for holiday in the Caribbean.

Big Major Cay, the inhabited Big Major Cay is home to wild boars who like to paddle on their own Pig Beach. There is no need to think about anything, eating and drinking included. The Exuma package deals cover your meal from breakfasts to dinners.

They have a vast selection of dishes that range from local food to genuine caribean jerky chickens, rices and beans. It' the Carribean - there's probably no "wrong" season to go! When all this talking of beautiful sunny days and a relaxed way of life makes you long for an Exuma vacation for yourself and your family, take a look at our Exuma Hotel to learn more.

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