East Kiribati Christmas Island

Ostkiribati Christmas Island

Lineage Islands, (Northern Equatorial Islands): The geology and hydrogeology of Tarawa and Christmas Island Kiribati. Three-dimensional variation in a shallow-water sponge-dominated reef in Timor-Leste (East Timor). ("Christmas Island"), Fanning Island (Tabuaeran) and Millennium Island (formerly. The Kiritimati (Christmas Island) on the Lineage Islands is the largest atoll in the world.

Xmas Island/Kiritimati -

Isle of Kiritimati (sometimes Christmas Island) is a Pacific Ocean reef island on the North Line Islands and part of the Republic of Kiribati. Kiritimati " is a rather simple repetition of the German term "Christmas" in the Kiribati tongue. It has the largest surface area of all atolls in the corals in the whole wide open space of the globe, about 388 sqkm. The island's laguna is about the same area.

Kiritimati is rich in wild animals and very beloved by bony fishers and is very nice and insulated. For more information on entering and leaving Kiribati, see Kiribati procedures. When approaching, call Marine Radio Christmas Island (Tango 3 Charlie) on VHF 16 to initiate release. The officers will want to come to your vessel for check-in (you will have to pick them up in your tender from the merchant landing stage).

In very quiet circumstances (even if there may be a swell) you choose to be collected from the shore with a view of the outer anchor. Customs, migration and isolation bureaus are located in the city (called London) in the immediate vicinity. There' s no genuine phone system here in Kiritimati, so most FM radios use for communication.

London has a small marina, which offers room for ships with flat draught in quiet weathers. Located just south of London, the major town, the best mooring (GPS 1°59. 08'N 157°28. 83'W) is right next to the occasional night-lit courts for playing football and playing football. While mooring in front of the village/oil deposit is better protected from the sea (especially from a southern swell), the mooring in front of the jetty is more comfortable to go onshore.

Anchorages are open for wintry waves from the northeast and southeast and the waves can come without warn. A 30-foot high surge was registered in the mooring of a domestic vessel in January 2004. There is no longer any swimming dinghy dock.

However, there is a step on the northern side of the jetty, but there are some stairs underneath. The coastline has flat corals, so it is not advisable to beach the tender.

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