Marquesas French Polynesia

Márquesas French Polynesia

Hours of daylight from Marquesas French Polynesia in the coming days, sunrise time from Marquesas French Polynesia in the coming days. The prehistoric fishing in Hane, Ua Huka, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia. Polynesia-French - For all French Polynesian vessels, it is NOT mandatory to go to Papeete custom and migration office to finalize the clearance procedure. Now, with the " gendarme " -office (French police) boats can enter and leave the port of arrival of the other island (Marquesas, Tuamotus, Gambiers, Australians etc.) and take care of all custom and entrance procedures at one place.

Detailed information on entry and exit from the FP can be found under French Polynesia formalities. The Marquesas have three gendarmerie areas: Hiva Oa, Ua Pou and Nuku Hiva, and it is official that ships coming from abroad should go to one of these isles first. However, often boots stop first with FATAU HIVA.

While in the past the skipper had trouble with the gendarmerie in Hiva Oa, the kreuzers have been reporting in recent years that the boats in Fatu Hiva were permitted to stop without impact. Inch: Patroll the archipelago and especially Nuku Hiva by climbing as many boats as possible.

They' re having a check-in of boats and have scans of a copy of their declarations. You will find a useful information resource about the Marquesas in this SV Soggy Paws review.

France-Polynesia protests against the Marquesas fisheries initiative

In the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, several hundred protesters took to the streets to demonstrate against attempts to increase fisheries in the region. It was followed by a resolution by the German authorities to allow large-scale fisheries and the deployment of a fleets of tunas. Toa Hiva was started in the Marquesas by a joint effort of municipal authorities in the hopes of 200 deaths.

The aim is to station 24 pole-and-line catchers and to fish around 3000 tons a year. Demonstrators said that much had been over fished by French Polynesia and that a navy to the Marquesas would decimate them.

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