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The Scottish Islands are a small cruise nirvana. Sommer Grand British Isles Discovery Cruise. Other than you passing by. Accompany us on board the Sea Cloud II on our British Isles Golf Cruise, while we effortlessly explore the golf and travel highlights from Scotland and Northern Ireland, Round Britian & European Cities Cruise from Southampton. Depart from Southampton, Harwich or Dover and discover the hidden beauties of Great Britain such as Liverpool, Dublin and Edinburgh.

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With palaces, cloisters, London and Liverpool, every small towns and cities has been permeated by positive historical and cultural influences. Fortunately for you, 210 of them can be found in the British Isles. Catch a glass of the dark shit - that's Guinness for the unsuspecting - at the notorious St. James's Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

The Windsor Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Blarney Castle....these are just some of the British and Irish palaces you can discover, especially if you want to spend more time and enjoy more on an Azamara trip. The British author Samuel Johnson once said wisely: "When a man is sick of London, he is sick of life."

For travellers, London is a seductive blend of old and..... You will be immediately taken to a magic realm by these genuine fairy-tale locks. Some of the most scenic places to visit in..... Between Buckingham and Bangkok, the palace landscape is full of breathtaking sights.

If so, you can either discover the Edinburgh romance or the Glasgow streetstyle.

If so, you can either discover the Edinburgh romance or the Glasgow streetstyle. In the old city of Kirkwall you can see the charming Scapa Flow, Churchill's Barriers or the Italian chapel. Before visiting the beautiful St. Peter Port in Guernsey, you' ll be able to admire the Amsterdam channels and floral market and the landscape of Honfleur in Normandy.

Group Cruises

With Solitair? With Solitair why booking? We have been gathering expertise and experiences over the last 15 years so that we can provide you with the best single places. Depending on your ages and interests, our seasoned consultants will lead you to the ideal vacation. How old are the persons taking part in a solitaire vacation?

SOLITARIRE arranges special vacations for individuals who want to suit their own interests and family. Targeted at individuals aged 29 to 79 years, some public holiday periods are marked for certain groups. How large is the mean group sizes for solitaire Singles? Mean group sizes are 12, but numbers differ according to season and city.

We' re not going to be able to keep the relationship between men and woman on our summer vacation. Proportions vary, but are usually three females per man. Maybe to get together before you go to an aerodrome lounges, get to know your companions before you go on vacation or just to exchange ideas and experience.

No. We do not create our vacation packs in such a way that they have an introductory or date-spec. Our vacation offers only for individual travelers who want to do it alone, but do not want to do it alone. We are sure that good buddies will come from our vacations. Traveller for the first tim?

You will be welcomed at the airports of your vacation destinations and organized by our hostel. During all our single vacations we organize common meal, advise on trips and answers all your queries. How do I get to know my Solitair-Agent? The Solitair agent will pick you up either at your hotel or at your final arrival point.

During your vacation, your contact person will be at your disposal to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and your own speciality. Is it possible to prolong my vacation? We can sometimes make arrangements for you if you would like to prolong your vacation at the moment of your reservation. What is the best way to reserve a vacation?

To make a reservation by telephone on 0844 4144010 or on-line, just click on the link'Book Online' and you will be taken through the reservation procedure in easily understandable stages. - Just make your reservation on-line. What is the down payment to reserve the vacation? Securing your reservation is possible by making a £100 UK Bank Dates Advance Payment, 200 pounds for Europe and 500 pounds for worldwide bank and bank vacations up to 10 days before your trip starts.

You can either have the page printed or make a note of the reservation number on receipt. How long does it take to get paid for my vacation? When you arrive within 10 week after your reservation, full settlement is necessary. In case you have a specific wish, it must be made by phone or on-line when making the reservation.

Specific diets must be communicated at reservation and vegetable diets, gluten-free diets can be offered on all our bank holiday. In order to ensure the services, all specific requests must be communicated at the moment of reservation and, if necessary, an appropriate surcharge must be made. In order to make your journey as easy as possible, we try to provide you with a choice of our destination for a surcharge.

You will receive your e-ticket and your definitive dates approximately 7-10 working day before depart. Phone 0844 414 4010 stating your reservation number immediately after receiving the e-mail bill. Is it possible to reverse my vacation? Are you charging a surcharge for a one-bedroom? No, our rates are per person.

Are there two separate traveling between them? Is Solitair able to arrange my own private space and accommodation at the beach? Yes, you can reserve your seat on the plane for an extra charge, please specify when making your reservation. That means your funds and holidays are fully secure when you make a reservation with us.

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