Totoya Fiji

Toto Ya Fiji

The Totoya is a volcanic island in the Lau archipelago, Fiji. I received a call last October from the Chief of Totoya Island (Roko Sau), who let me know that a whale had got stuck in a lagoon near his island. There are five Fijian villages on Totoya, while neighbouring Maluku has seven. Moala Island (Keteira), Feejee (Fiji) Group, by the U.S.

Ex.Ex. Isle ("Keteira"), Totoia Island (Totoya), Matuku Island, Fiji.

MPA ("Marine Protected Area") founded

Roko Sau Kubunanavanua and his family were born dead on the Isle of Totoya in Fiji a few years ago. As a result, the child was laid to rest at sea and the canal to the Isle was called the "sacred passage" or Daveta taboo. In order to preserve the area, the chieftain outlawed it.

By the mid-1990s, before today's Roko Sau, the boss removed the prohibition as the trade value of the fishery stock increased, which would stimulate Totoya's agribusiness. Fiji and other Pacific Isles manage their maritime assets through a common system of government. In the event of a depletion of maritime sources, such as fishery, the chieftains have the power to outlaw it.

Roko Sau (Roko Josefa Cinavilakeba), the high boss of the Yasayasa Moala Group, to which Totoya belongs, restored the preservation of the holy Totoya Passages and various reefs by establishing the first Marine Protected Area (MPA) for the Isle. Totoya MPA covers about 4 km2 and it is forbidden to fish.

Regional officials from the University of the South Pacific, Wildlife Conservation Society, Lau Provincial Office, Ministry of Fisheries and High CEO Mr. Sau have signed up to the research to bring their priceless expertise to the work. As well as carrying out seacucumber studies, an important maritime resources in Fiji, they will advise and contact the heads of the offshore archipelagos we are investigating.

It is common practice to obtain the approval of our chieftains before starting our research on each of the group. During a brief ritual named Servusevu, members of the delegation will hand over to Chief Kyava and ask his approval to carry out our research in the islandwater.

As a reward for our present, we are hoping to become our guest to further our important study of the Fiji maritime world. After today's meeting in the city of 7th Street, Roko Sau kindly allowed our crew to visit the coral cliffs around Totoya MPA and the first working days on our Fiji missions were a complete result!

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