Cook Islands Food Prices

Cooking Islands Food Prices

Q: Which side of the island should I stay on? Mangoin Cook Islands Market Intelligence. Online booking at the best price:.

Just-back report and food prices - Rarotonga - Rarotonga Forum

June 5, 2015, 23:08 We just had 8 consecutive 9 day stay in Raro in May 2015. As a 50-year-old pair we traveled without the young people for a rest in the outdoors. We were at the Magic Reef Bungalows this year and they were fantastic (see the report separately) and this will now be our favorite place as we won't let the children travel with us anymore.

This is some general information you may find useful when you are new to Rarotonga: AirNZ flew from Christchurch over Akld - beautiful and simple. There was a sack of food with us, so we had to get out through the reds - but they just asked what we had and didn't look at they sent us on the way within 2 mins.

There was a jar of vine in a travel case in my bag, too - so we were within the borders and no prob. or up to 2 litres of wines or spirits). Rent a car: Book a small vehicle with Island cars rentals on-line. There was a message this year that they now had a desktop in the kiosk, so I went back to get the papers signed and the keys (only took a few minutes) and spared us the call in the next day's work.

Thirty pm on a Saturday evening, so the next day I went to Wigmores and got some food (it's open on a Sunday, but the grocery stores aren't). You don't buy booze on a Sunday (so the husband purchased a free ale and I had a glass of toast!

Purchase prices - the prices of food are often discussed in the discussion boards, so here are some actual prices: Evening meal: - went twice to Vaima - once just for a delicious and inexpensive slice of coffee and pizzas at the pub - $36 all and then for a nice evening meal with a glass of fine local wines and beers on our last evening $115.

We also went to the Kikau Hut - delicious also $100 for both of us for a common entrance, 2 x net and a beverage each. Trader has Jacks on a Friday evening. There was a lot going on and the waiters were sluggish because they didn't have enough personnel, but it didn't disturb us too much and the food was good.

Snorkeling - mostly around the Fruits of Raro and the Bella Beach Bungalows beach always very well. But it was much more busy and there were many family. It' beautiful there and everyone seemed to have a really good quality of life. and it took me about four or four dailies to get some e-mails.

Might use it in different places around the isle. This is what our resorts did, so next we did it from there. Wetter: a little different, beautiful and hot (every daily from the middle to the end of the 20s). The air conditioning was on one evening when it was still really hot, but on other evenings we only used the ventilator.

Hopefully this will help those new to the city to have a nice time.

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