Bora Bora X

The Bora Bora X

Ranging from surging variations to subtle cracks that move throughout, this deep tile has all the exotic appeal of a tropical Tahitian retreat. PLEASE CONTACT US PRINT AN E-MAIL TO A FRIEND ON THE NEXT PAGE. Bora Bora Piscina rectangular pools in a variety of colours and designs to add style to your leisure area. The World of Color Bora Bora Collection brings a refreshing palette that feels like an escape to an island paradise. Explore the family tree of x Tapoa I (Roi de Bora Bora) for free and learn more about her family history and her ancestors.

The Bora Bora Tour 4 x 4 Adventure - Image of Vavau 4x4 Adventure, Bora Bora

With Bora Bora's stunning natural beauties, Vavau 4*4 Adventures is the best way to take it all in. The 4x4s are convenient and secure and take you to the most remote places in Bora Bora. The historical cannons of the Second World War are a reminder of the socioeconomic effects and global influence on our country.

Soak up the breeze at Bora Bora's highest viewpoints and admire the world-famous Laguna, surrounded by the Motus Islands in a blue paradise. There is no better way to get to know Bora Bora than with our Vavau 4*4 Adventures team.

We invite you to come and experience the beauties of our house on the isle.

Eco-Friendly Handmade Tiles | Bora Bora Tile

Ranging from surging variations to subtle cracks that move throughout, this profound ceramic has all the extravagant appeal of a Tahiti-Treat. NOTE: While the colours present on a particular part of the ceramic may indicate the colours to be found on the other ceramic tiling, the amount of colour on each part may differ considerably.

Since every single item is manually trimmed, our tiles are not built in modules and have slightly different sizes. The delivery charges depend on the amount, kind and place of your order. Because of the craftsmanship of our tiles, the real date of manufacture can only be set once your order has been placed and added to our line of work.

We will do everything we can to make sure your projects are on time (rush charges may apply). The real rebate depends on the volume, colour and amount of your order. Which colour variation and level is best for you? Colour Spotlight: Tiles against glasses in the bathroom: Cover the advantages and disadvantages of using our top bathrooms candidates, ceramics tiles and jardini.

Our mission is to make tiles that you can work with. Every single piece is handcrafted in our plant in Aromas, CA. To make sure all our tiles are procured on a local basis, we use upstream and downstream material located within 200 leagues of our plant.

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