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" DIY fishing at the Great Inagua Outback Lodge, Bahamas." "Andros South Lodge is the legendary destination for bonefishing on the island of South Andros in the Bahamas, home to the best shallow water fishing in the world. Locate hotels in Bahamas Out Islands, Bahamas. Chester's Bonefishing Lodge is located in Chesters and offers accommodation with access to a garden. Travelling to the Bahamas usually involves complicated flights, expensive lodges, booking agencies and a structured tourist environment.

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It is our bread and butterfish, which can be found in almost every apartment in the area and is caught from a ship or just in the hardfloor apartments and camps. Two digits are one way, the whole thing is a 17.6 pound waspper! Allow domination among the fishermen here and we only know where to look and find them on a regular basis, sometimes in smaller schools of 2 to 5 sharks or individual sharks, the following are stingrays.

It has an impressing mean height, about 20 pound, and there are quite a few species between 25 and 40 pound! It is probably one of the best places in the Bahamas to go fishing for a fishing licence. Although we are not a tariff target in itself, we have a year-round populations of local babies from 10 to 30 pound, while some areas will have bigger sized peregrine species from 40 to 100 pound, especially in the Turtle Sound Lake from May to October.

They are still a very interesting species: Triggerfishes are careful, but like to feed on a prawn or a small prawn goat while on the flatracks. It is a great capture and definitely a good fishing licence for you!

We' ve got some interesting, hard-fighting jacket sub-species at our fingertips to keep insect and spinning fishers entertained; horse-eye lifter, yellows jacket, barrel jacket and pompanos keep slight tackles toasty. Maybe not everyone on everyone's lists, but they are excellent flies and spinning fish.

There is a very healthy populations of sharks, from small specimens (20 pounds) to giant beasts ('hundreds of pounds) in and around the area. We can organise special excursions for sharks on req. If desired, we can also organise an excursion to the tidal canals to catch snappers: sheep snappers, grey snappers, yellow tail snappers and cuberas are available in our water.

There are 700 archipelagos and 2500 kayaks in the Bahamas and there are more than 100 of them. Thousand sq. mls. It stretches about 750 leagues from north to south, from Walker's Cay, about 75 leagues off the Palm Beach coastline, to the Ragged Isles, 50 leagues off the coastline of north Cuba.

All of the Bahamas' landmass is only about 5880 sq. m. and almost every single of them is encircled by sandbanks and sea corals, and is mostly low and shallow or sometimes hilly. There are many archipelagos with dark purple cavities that sometimes stretch into submarine caverns, some to a depth of almost 600ft.

South Bahamas islets are generally dryer with shrubs and prickly pears. According to a recent population survey, there are more than 1370 plants with about 120 native plants, such as Mahagony known as Coppice in the forrest. Mangroves dominate the Carribean side of the islands: swamps full of people.

All year round, blooms and cathedrals with their rich colours such as crepe myrte and the stunningly beautiful midnight colour of midnight white maroon, a native type of rosewood, ranging from yellows to extravagant reds. Famous people like Michael Keaton, Laurence Fishbourne and the writer John Grisham have loved fishing in Bahamas and have been coming to the island for many years.

In the 1930s, the renowned author Ernest Hemingway lived several periods in Bimini, drawn to the great fishing that the Gulf River near by has to provide, a mythical warm-water current that originated in the Gulf of Mexico and kisses the Bahamas softly on its way northbound. Leaving Nassau, you will soon land on our huge 140-mile wide tunnel.

To give you an impression of the size: you could adapt most of the Cuban flat-bottomed fishing areas to the area. And all this without the same fishing pressures! Leagues and leagues of unspoiled sandy or coralline, cristal clear sea, one of the cleanest in the time.

Accessible from the large part of the huge Laguna, where during the summer months large numbers of rose flamingoes breed. A few nautical pits in the lake, some of which are linked to the open sea, a few mile away! It is possible to arrange trips to some of the smaller gays that host lizards and osprey, as well as osprey buzzards that have their whereabouts.

Talking of fish: The water is naturally swarming with all kinds of interesting types of catch.

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