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A'strong wind warning' is now in effect for the land areas and waters of Rotuma. Rotary Language Classes Rotuman courses were organized by Dr. Marit Vamarasi, a Linguistic Teacher Marit Vamarasi, who is currently living with Muaheahea Vamarasi. Vamarasi is a lecturer in languages at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois..

... For more than 10 years she has been a Rotuman student and has published several articles on the Rotuman family. To give Dr. Vamarasi comments on the Rotuman lesson or questions about maintaining the Rotuman languages, please email them at

Weather and route planning for the passage from Vanuatu to Marshalls

Our route would be first to Rotuma, Fiji (to come a little to the east!), then along Tuvalu and Kiribati to Majuro, Marshalls. In November/December we have chosen to go sailing in the low season. At the beginning we had been hoping to get SE wind to get to Rotuma and then Easter to Tarawa.

If there are enough possible stopovers along the way, it should be much simpler to choose cheap wx-wallpaper. Stage Two â " Rotuma to Tarawa was much simpler. For the last 150nm the winds turned east with grace, which made for a wonderful sailing at the end of this stage.

For the last few mile we had a funny and quick sailing in the quiet water sheltered by the Tarawa Laguna. However, when we stepped into the western side of the Laguna, we had the full load of the Laguna, so that we got a vivid motor sails to Bitio, the entry harbour of the former Gilbert Islands, which belong to Kiribati today.

Stopping in Rotuma was not the most relaxing (sometimes like a fire exercise in China, with all the evasion of meteorological equipment and changing winds), but it was still a good stop and gave us a good opportunity to repair our motor part, fill up a few leakages and charge some tasty mangoes!

âWe are almost in Tarawa, the check-in point for the western Kirbati Isles. You can see the low-lying islets in the moonshine three leagues away. It can even see the whiteness of a fringe or the sandy isles. There is also the computer-controlled navigator that always shows the ship in relation to the isle and we have the radars that can show us the isles, if not the islets.

Stage three â " Tarawa to Majuro with stopovers in Abaiang and Buritaritari was much simpler, but still near, so don't give up if you don't have to! Beautiful excursion to Abaiang and only one overnight stay to Buritaritari. After Buritaritari the sailing corner to Majuro is much better and we were almost within our grasp.

Of the eastern edge of Buritaritari, it was only about 300nm to Majuro mooring about 3 days-2 nights sail. Memos about the West Kiribati that we have been to. We' re very happy that we stayed here for a few days on the way to Majuro. Deterred by reports about the beach covered with garbage and man-made excrements, we were agreeably amazed to see almost none of them in all 3 visiting Almerac!

Check in and out if the stay was less than a months free and without pain, why not stay a few peaceful days on the yacht in Majuro before joining the yacht world? Do not toss away your old sail they make well cherished merchandise/gift articles here in the Outer Isles!

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