Yasawa Islands Diving

Diving Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Islands diving environment. Select diving in Fiji with one of our great diving packages and experience the perfect Fiji experience through some of the best dive sites in Fiji. Fly to the Yasawa Islands on a low-flying plane and discover the explosive underwater world of Fiji. ""Good diving equipment compared to other Yasawa Islands. Yasawa Islands snorkelling and diving are excellent.

Yasawa & Mamanuca Islands diving site in Fiji, South Pacific

Situated in the west of Fiji, the Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands provide aquatic activities and accommodation for all tastes. Subsea capsule covers the wall, booms and canals, a great blend for a variety of diving skills. Mamanuca Group is accessible by speedboat or floatplane and has a number of real estate sites, among them Tokoriki and Castaway.

Beachcomber and Treasure Island are protected areas. The Gotham City is known for its bat fish populations, and sharks enthusiasts should go diving in the'supermarket'. Yasawa volcano range stretches 90 kilometers in a direct line just off the curved arch of the Mamanucas. The zoo is a favourite site with diving school of whale, tevally and barrelracuda, which also enjoy the precipitous face that is subject to heavy creeks.

There are colorful lake fan and corals on the walls, with invertebrate animals inhabiting the overhang. The Yasawas is a huge area of untouched cliffs, islands and small islands to the south. It is the wettest and wettest area in Fiji, so you can expect the sun almost all year round.

The site is listed in the following itinerary: An extensive diving route with Mamanuca Iceland, home of sound batfishes and sharks, and the beautiful Bligh Water, renowned for its great reefs, manta rays and large shoals of sharks, for further recommend. A paradise icon in the Mamanucas, this award-winning seaside spa is made up of remote, thatch covered Boers set in luxuriant rainforest, sandy winters and pulsating sea canals.

Fiji's only above-water office complex provides deluxe lodging overlooking the lake and the sea. Situated in the north of Mamanucas, this stylish and stylish residence has 34 villas and bureaus, an accessible, deluxe and romantically designed vacation, Tokoriki is the quintessence of the Fiji vacation experiences. for more advice.

The beautiful sail saver provides a uniquely adventurous journey through Fiji's secluded north archipelago. Soak up the world-class marine life, kayaking, hiking and the wealthy Fiji cultur.

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