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New Yasawa Island Resort Reviews

I' ve read the reviews before booking and was afraid of bedbugs, but I couldn't find one and didn't meet anyone who had problems with them. Welcome to Paradise Cove Resort, the best accommodation in Fiji. Nanuya Island Resort prides itself on providing a level of service and experience unparalleled in the Yasawa Islands - that is our reward. Yasawa Manta Resort has some of the most spectacular coral reefs in Fiji. our trip on the Yasawa Flyer from Denarau Marina to Waya Island.

Yasawa Flyer reviews. Fiji Yasawa Island Resort links awesome adventure Fiji... The marina for her journey to the enchanting islands of Mamanuca and Yasawa.

About Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

The Yasawa Island Resort & Spa has only 18 luxurious cabins situated in stunning surroundings just a few paces from the beachside area known as Boures. Each cottage also has a Jacuzzi and a cabin on the roof. The resort provides a free children's nightclub for kids under the age of 12 during our dedicated families'week.

Childrens from 12 years of age are welcome in the resort all year round and will enjoy the isolation and autonomy that this is. Yasawa Island is visited by family from all over the globe; the resort is accessible through its own lawn.

Latest Reviews of Mantaray Island Resort in Yasawa Islands

Real beautiful scuba and snorkelling. I wanted to stay here for two nights, but it was prolonged at first. I' ve been reading the reviews before I booked and was afraid of bedbugs, but I couldn't find one and didn't meet anyone who had them.

The dinner was taken and missed. The hostel was well organized, although there were no locker. There were many good seats at the seaside bars. They' re making an astonishing grilled chickens topping at the seaside restaurant, the only drawback is that it's not serving at lunchtime! I had a great trip at Manta Ray Resort.

The dormitory was 32 bedded, but despite the number of single bedded, it didn't really felt full. We had comfortable and cleanliness, neither in the rooms nor elsewhere. It is obligatory and the diet is fine, but not much vegetarian selection - but they will take care of you!

A lot of activity to do if you want. But they did nothing to loose it and 2 other guys were checking into the bed we had just gotten out of. Great foods & flavors. Beautiful snorkel to the resort's dive sites & many activists for free and some $$$$, snorkel with Manta Rays was great in May.

This was one of three island we went to, and the people were by far the most friendly and supportive (especially Misu and Gabby). Establishments were much easier than on other isles at a similar cost, and the meal was easier/smaller. Scuba and snorkeling here was unbelievable and the most inexpensive.

It could use more deck chairs and some work. Unbelievable snorkelling right on the shore, great crew, a lot of activity and great caterers. A really comfy dormitory, divided into 2 bunks, so it didn't sound like a 32 dormitory.

Stroll along the shore at nocturnal hours and enjoy a breathtaking starscape.

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