Yasawa Island Resort Owners

Owner of Yasawa Island Resort

Suprayacht owners to open Fijian island paradise. Both the staff and the owners are truly amazing and want to make your stay as unforgettable as possible. You can visit islands, villages, resorts, snorkel and swim. Owners are family, guests are family, and I am wise - so they need me," he giggles. Mantaray Island Resort in Yasawa Islands, Fiji.

innovative property and big development plan for fiji's nancya island resort

Nanuya Island Resort's new owners, on his million-dollar restoration itinerary. The Nanuya Island Resort on the Yasawa Islands in Fiji is in new hands and is to be expanded and improved by several million dollars. The new owners Val and Ivan Parker have relocated from the Gold Coast, Australia, after a string of philanthropy ventures they have financed over the past 13 years in the Yasawa Islands.

"Val and I came to Fiji after many years of success with logistic and material companies in Australia because of the marvellous Yasawas and their tranquility," Mr Parker said. "He said, "We like the Nanuya Island Resort and have big ideas to extend the already nice environment and atmoshere.

Enhancement projects included the building of a purpose-built landing stage for passenger and cargo arrival, the renovation of all 12 current bureas, the building of 5 new upscale bureas, which includes a 360° Honeymoon suites (already completed), the raising of yacht moorings and the building of the Blue Lagoon Yacht Club, which will be a combination of restaurants and sea training for the Blue Lagoon area, which will feature the following features

Furthermore, the resort is already under way for ongoing conservation work, which includes the extension of the concrete roads, the start-up of a multi-stage wastewater and wastewater purification system, the conversion of the whole resort to the use of photovoltaic panels, the launch of gulf pushcars to move visitors from the front desk to the higher hillside offices, the revitalization of the resort's dining area, and enhanced tropic landscape design throughout the resort.

"Sixty percent of our visitors are returning visitors, so we asked them to contribute to our idea of extensions and improvements," Mr. Parker said. "It is interesting that there was an overwhelming'no' to a swimmingpool - the great bulk of the people would rather go swimming in the deep sea that washes around our resort's beaches - and I can't say I resent them," he said.

"They are also aware that they want the resort to retain the small, personal sense that it is always being provided, so we are very aware that this feed-back guides our planning while we continue to meet the demands. "Everything we are planning is in harmony with the surrounding nature and aims to provide a better enjoyment for all our visitors - resort visitors, yachtsmen and local people - and to ensure that everyone has their own amenities and is well catered for.

" Before the acquisition of Nanuya Island Resort, the Parkers had a long tradition of engagement in many Yasawa Island villi. "At first we became infatuated with Fiji when we participated in a Variety Children's Charity fundraiser with Blue Lagoon Cruises in 2002," said Mr Parker.

All of them were given a taboo in appreciation of their contribution, effort and service to the Yasawa population. After Val and Ivan found retiring uncomfortable after leaving their Australian corporate successes, they spent most of their years in the Yasawa Islands to continue studying, listen and help where they could.

The Nanuya Island Resort is a vision for both of them. Awesome Adventures Fiji' is a trademark of South Sea Cruises and offers backpacker and freelance travelers in Fiji's Yasawa Islands adventures and adventures. The island hoping passports vary from 5 to 21 nights and cover lodging, food, transfers and a variety of outdoor and indoor pursuits.

Awesome Adventures classifies Nanuya Island Resort as a "3-Coconut" (i.e. as a top resort for the Yasawas) in the breathtaking Blue Lagoon. Peter Duncan, Awesome Adventures Fiji Chief Executive Officer, greeted the Parkers in the area. "We' re thrilled by the new excitement and passions that Val and Ivan are bringing to Fiji and Nanuya Island Resort," said Mr Duncan.

"It is an exhilarating experience for her and the many former visitors who already know what a jewel this resort is," he said.

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