Yasawa Island Resort and Spa Fiji

Island Resort and Spa Fiji

The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is an exclusive retreat on a remote and pristine island. Yasava ISLAND RESORT & SPA Yasawa Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji. Treat yourself to a treatment at the full-service spa and enjoy the amenities at Yasawa Island Resort like a free children's club and an outdoor pool. For honeymooners and romantics. The open-plan offices are airy and modern Fijian-style on the beach.

Resort & Spa Yasawa Island

The Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is an exquisite resort on one of Fiji's most secluded and untouched isles. Float in clear water, swim on colourful coral, combine yourself with an old civilization or let yourself be pampered in Fiji's first lido. No matter what you want to do at Yasawa, you will do it in total isolation.

One of Yasawa's main features is our approach to 10 secluded sandy picnic spots; our visits to the Blue Lagoon Caves and especially our genuine cultural heritage.... most of our employees come from the village and are really enthusiastic about sharing their island and cultures with you.... attend the village headmaster, join the village chef, take part in the hymns and dancing of the people....

These are the moment that will be with you long after you have left Yasawa's sands. It is Fijian for sanctuary. Concealed under the palm trees, each air-conditioned burette has a discrete outside showers, a spacious decking with deckchairs to switch off the afternoon, a private lounge area with minibar and iPod dock, a hanging mat lined up between the palm trees, an unbelievable view of the sea and your own thatched cabin with deckchairs on the outskirts of the famed Yasawa beaches of sands.

It' one of our favorite things at Yasawa. Whatever you do during your sojourn, you will be able to relax and unhurriedly relax. Visiting the surrounding towns to see the kids or listen to the chorus. You can swim in the crystalline water of the Blue Lagoon or snorkell between coral and tropic fishing.

You can do as much or as little as you want. Yasawa includes all recreational waterspa, dive and sport fish in Yasawa. It may be an island of solitude, but it is also an island of abundance. The Yasawa fare includes all food and promises modern cooking at every session and an accentuation of the juicy shellfish that is captured every day in the area.

Chefs' recipes emphasize the freshness of the products supplied every day and as far as possible from the nearby Yasawa Island area. Yasawa's head cook and his staff are dedicated to making sure that every Yasawa visitor has an unforgettable cuisine. However, due to our remoteness, we are sometimes forced to order certain foods that meet certain nutritional needs.

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